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  1. This makes me so happy I could punch someone. If DUNY gets that gin...I will buy it all.
  2. Ok, good. Evan was hoping we could eat some with spoons, but changed his mind later.
  3. Small question...is this correct? I ended up with a very brown pan of semi-sweet water and not really caramel, per se.
  4. Congrats to you both! And holy crap, that's some serious beard representation there.
  5. Yeah, I'm not sure what those large ones are supposed to fit...but it's certainly not built for any of my absinthe glasses.
  6. See, I got mad at Brian in this thread, because not only do I not have batches of bitters going right now, I haven't even thought about starting to barrel age the fuckers yet. Bastard. Eww!
  7. That pelican makes me so jealous.
  8. My bad...it's huge. It ends up all sorts of places I don't intend it to be.