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  1. I wandered from Longboard Lager to a few Coronas and topped it off with some Leopold Bros. That’s just drinking with no purpose.
  2. Welcome. The Colorado numbers seem to be surging lately. Your efforts are eagerly awaited.
  3. If I ever lose the will to live, that's how I'm going to go.
  4. Bristol Brewery’s Laughing Lab & a margarita. You know, because it was free with the entrée.
  5. Joe - Dont EVER live any other way Too bad because the mood I'm in I would totaly hop on my bike and ride down there for a drink.
  6. I see St. Germain all the time next to the absinthe in the store but can't find a decent review (plus I've been burned before by pretty bottles). What’s the scoop Betty-Boop? Note: apologies for the snappy ending. I tried to work in a rhyme with Hedonmonkey but it was just... ...just... ...bad. And, while I’m in the questioning mood. What beer do you drink with absinthe? Not at the same time, rather, beer <drink, drink, drink>, pause, absinthe <drink drink drink>. Or should it be the other way around? All I’ve got right now is a bottle of Left Hand’s Blackjack porter. Eh, we’ll see how it goes.
  7. Last night my wife went to bed right while I was adding my water to a glass of Leopold Bros. She asked if I was going to be up for a while. I replied that I was just going to listen to some music and finish my drink. She gave me a kiss and put Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here on the stereo. I had to shut it off after a while. Absinthe and Floyd just seemed too pretentious. I put on some 3 Dog Night and things were much better.
  8. My Wife is taking me to ...uhg... ...Cowboys with her friends. So I have no idea what I’m drinking. Any place that has PBR on tap but no Guinness and no micro brews can't be good. Seriously, a bar in Colorado that doesn’t have any micro brews on tap!!!! I'm sure there will be some line dancing involved. Oh I can taste the gun metal now. I think I’ll be the designated driver and have a glass of Leopold Bros. when I get home. Maybe have some type of contest. Tequila, scotch, absinthe, cognac.... All those countries coming together. It'll be like the Olympics… but in my stomach.
  9. I got a bottle of 15 yr old Dalwhinnie for my retirement and frequently trade off absinthe nights with either that or the Bruichladdich Peat ( what the distiller calls a “single malt / multi-vintage”) I don’t quite understand the description but it’s just as wonderful as the Dalwhinnie. Both work great neat, with a drop a water (which I picked up on from this post, thanks goes to Absomphe for that a while back). But, don’t be afraid to try it on the rocks. If you get a better experience over ice do it, it’s your mouth after all. Depending on what I’m eating or drinking with the scotch, ice can keep it from overpowering my mouth. Coke is perfectly appropriate, just save it for Jack Daniels. As for glassware, I learned from watching my old-man (not what you'd call a connoisseur) to use a highball glass, so I defer to the more cultured. Regardless of your choices, enjoy!!!!!
  10. I don’t get up to Denver nearly as much as I should. Wouldn’t mind getting together for a few sips.
  11. The upside to the pretty bottle is If I where blind I would know in advance that I had the LTV in my hand without having to open it and smell that full aqua-velva-esq bouquet. It's like going on a blind date. Sometimes you can tell when something is over-packaged.
  12. Oddly enough I’m ok with sharks being at the beach. It’s one of those acceptable risks you assume. If I want to be at the beach I may have to contend with sharks… ...Clowns… ....not so much. As for bimbos at the beach... I would certainly hope so.