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  1. Found a great little drink idea from a local brewmaster. Take a nice hefeweizen, and put a shot or two of honey liquor in it. I have been sipping on these as of late.
  2. Sipped some Moscato, and watched the Tornado stroll by.
  3. I am looking at the forum on an ios device via Forum Runner, I didn't see and <em> tags, but I did see the html code of emoticons. eg. ":cheers:" instead of
  4. Welcome! I could see using a blend with an Absinthe that uses a unique blend of herbs, such as a Ridge Verte, or their Blanche. Very unique wormwood they got there. I need to get my hands on some more now that I think about it.
  5. Hi Bill That sounds good! I just bottled 5 gallons of my IPA I made from homegrown hops. Unfortunately I meed to wait a week for it to carbonate.
  6. I know it is late, but I totally missed this thread! Thanks for the birthday wishes! Update on the house is this is the last year! Practically been re-building my house for the past 6 years from the ground up. Finally I will get to have a social life again!
  7. I would advise against watching Game of Thrones while matching their swigs. I ended up drinking half a gallon of wine before I realized what happened. WHOOOPS!
  8. Happy Belated Cajun. Hope you had a good one!
  9. Loved the Dunhill Nightcap. Just what the doctor ordered.
  10. OMG Bill, happy belated birthday!! Glad to hear it was a good one. Cheers!
  11. OMG Bill, happy belated birthday!! Glad to hear it was a goon one.
  12. Hmm, that looks intriguing. I will certainly give that one a try! Thank you.
  13. I was thinking of pulling my pipe out of retirement and getting some good pipe tobacco. Anyone have a favorite they would like to suggest?
  14. I used to think that gin was just gin, but thanks to some friends on here I got a sample of some Voyager. It was like night and day! Notes of citrus mingling with the Juniper was very balanced. Too bad my last batch evaporated so quickly.
  15. João Gilberto - Águas de Março is one of the ones stuck in my brain right now. Brazilian Jazz just seemed to fit the bill. Sipped on some of my sparkling plum wine.
  16. Tonight? I am having happy thoughts about a vodka tonic. Anyone gave a good variant they like?
  17. I was wondering if you were using Tapatalk or wanting to use Forum Runner to give you more flexibility on mobile devices? The forum looks pretty good on my mobile device as is, but then again I am pretty new to all this forum tech as well.
  18. Whats on. . .Your mind?