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  1. I went to The Anvil last weekend after reading about it in this thread. Great place! Turns out my friends knew one of the bartenders/managers there and gave us a free round of drinks! I had an absinthe frappe with Lucid and Herbsaint. Very tasty. For round two I had St George with sugar but the bartender took such a long time pouring the water. At first she was pouring over the cube and though she was going to light it and played the scenario in my head how I was going to stop her. Fortunately she did it right. We're definitely going back there soon and I'll be trying their other drinks. I'll try something with sotol just for you baubel. I'll eventually make my way to Advant Garden. If there is ever a meet there I sure would like to join in. Could you guys notify me, please? On their website it says that every night at 11 is a green hour. How is it?
  2. I am in The Woodlands just 30 minutes away from Ren Fest. Jeez it's been years since I've gone. Joe, perhaps you're right. I will have to go to the next get together in Houston and bring a good bottle.
  3. Holy Crap that is too hilarious. I wasn't too excited about New Vegas but now... I restarted playing Fallout 3 a while back. I beat the main storyline but restarted to do all of the other stuff. The next time I play it i might take the evil route Right now I'm doing the evil things then going back to a previous saved game and being good. I'm such a sissy. Burning Harold alive was pretty fun.
  4. Believe me Joe I would jump on the opportunity to buy any one of those. I already have a hit list of which ones I want to buy. Unfortunately the economy has not been kind to us and even bringing myself to pay for a cheap absinthe like Kübler is difficult. My plan is to sample different brands at a local bar and work from there. Once I graduate in December and get a job I will definitely be getting more. But I'll have to stick to Catskills since DUNY doesn't ship to Texas I'm even thinking about asking a friend or relative for Meadow of Love as a graduation gift.
  5. I know but when I read the review and I hear other people describing how they detect sutle hints of other flavors I think that I'm missing something. I guess its like how I can't detect chocolate or berries or some other hints that I hear people say are in wine or cigars. I'm hoping that with more experience I will be able to detect those sutle hints and can tell the difference between a moderate and high quality absinthe. Right now they just kind of tase similar (blasphamous I know).
  6. I hadn't touched my bottle for a long time and I was like "How long ago did I get this?" and saw the 2005 stamped right on it. I probably should have not finished it now that I think about it but I still have the bottle. Just can't bring myself to throw it out. I want to say that when I first started to research absinthe Jade wasn't in production yet and I got it soon after they were available. But it was a long time ago and I've never had a good memory.
  7. Hi everyone! I first discovered absinthe when I read about it in a casual book about organic chemistry where the author decribed it as van Gogh's downfall and how it was banned. Ever since then I have learned so much more about absinthe and how what I read in that book is wrong. The first absinthe I bought was Jade Edourd back in 2005. Since at the time it was so expensive and a hassel to get it I have taken a hiatus from absinthe until this year when I found out absinthe was legal and that there are many great absinthes availiable and made here in the states. The same bottle of Edouard that I bought 5 years ago just ran out and I am ready to try other absinthes. However, my inexperienced palate never got pass the anise in the flavor profile. I supose I was too egar to just try the good stuff that I skipped trying introductory brands. So now I'm starting fresh and working my way up since introductory absinthe is readily availiable at my liquor store and bars. However even those are expensive and the supply is limited in Texas so its a slow process. I should also mention that everything I learned about absinthe I learned from here and La Fee Verte, so I have been hanging around for a while but have just decided to join. Oh, and you can call me Lanessa just to make things easier.