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  1. Big Sky is a great brewery! Their Moose Drool is definitely one of my top 5 beers.
  2. Ok so I think Im going to place an order with rueverte.com. Im going to get BdJ and butterfly but I need a 3rd bottle to get the free shipping. I was thinking either La P'tite or La Valdetra Verte. I've never had either so which would you guys suggest?
  3. Does anyone know when this is going to be back in stock at LDF?
  4. Has there been any talk of Jade doing any other new varieties in future?
  5. Ha! I actually like Kübler quite a bit. Sure its not the best product on the market, but for the price I have no complaints.
  6. About a month ago I ordered my first bottle of Pacifique. I almost hate to admit this, but when I took my first drink I didnt like it at all. there was just something about the flavor that really rubbed me the wrong way. It seemed to have almost a butterscotch after taste (not a fan of butterscotch). I drank about 3 glasses of it thinking maybe it would grow on me, but that night I just wasnt feeling it at all. So I put it in the cupboard and turned to the bottle of Kübler I had. Over the next few weeks I pretty much finished off the Kübler and was left with just the Pacifique. So last week I decided to give it another try. This time was different. When I added water I immediately smelled an amazing fruitiness that wasnt there the first time. The strange after taste is completely gone and now I absolutely love it. I cant get the flavor out of my head. I guess next time I get a bottle I will just have to open it and let it sit for a while before I drink it. But back to the topic of the thread, Pacifique is now definitely ONE of my favorites but my all time favorite has to be Jade VS
  7. I got a few bottles last week and the date was september 2009
  8. Any chance this stuff will make it to DUNY? Oh, and congratulations! From the looks of things this has been in the works for quite some time.
  9. So, I placed an order with LDF on thursday and it already arrived yesterday! Talk about customer service!
  10. I actually was just considering putting mine in the freezer. Looks like I wont be doing that. Thanks for the heads up on that one.
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome! And thanks for the link to the flux capacitor. I have been looking everywhere for one of those.
  12. maybe this has already been discussed but why can they sell NO in the US but not the other Jades?
  13. Good point. I guess I didnt even take the aging into account.