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  1. And all you would have had to do was point me at that article. What's your end alcohol %, after you add your simple syrup? Is there enough alcohol in the end product that you can put it in the freezer without it freezing? That's one of my concerns.
  2. I can't remember who said that they got a better extraction when they used vodka (lower % alcohol) vs everclear (higher)....but I know I doubted them. I wanted proof! Thanks to mgs's vanilla supply link, I've found some very interesting sites...one of which supported the above claim (at least for vanilla...I'll concede it's likely you can assume it would be true for other stuff). How to make your own vanilla extract: http://www.vanillareview.com/make-vanilla-extract/ After reading through that, I will DEFINITELY be using the whole bean & not just seeds. ======================================== 47.5% ethanol is better than 95% ethanol (end of pg 16): http://www.heilalavanilla.co.nz/images/Reu...atureReview.pdf This study made me wonder if there would be a benefit to heating the beans (and peels) before adding them to the alcohol. I haven't read through all of that vanillareview site, nor the pdf file, but it certainly looks like there is helpful information for someone making infusions. I'm very excited. It also looks like if you're going for a stronger vanilla flavor, you'll want it to sit on the shelf for 6 months to mellow
  3. Depends on where you're shopping. Vanilla.com will rape you for quality vanilla beans. But if you can keep a secret, you don't need to pay $200 for a pound of top grade beans. Shhhh. As for beans, just slice them lengthwise and scrape the beans out with a spoon. VERY nice! Thanks for the link. I wonder if I would be able to taste a flavor difference between the Bourbon & Tahitian beans. Have you tried using the bean pods, Ron? It would be nice to be able to use as much of each vanilla bean as possible. Never hurts to have information confirmed from a couple of different sources (not that I'm doubting you, mgs)
  4. Thanks. I've already taken the seeds out (for the previous batch), but I'll throw the rest of the pod in this batch. Hopefully that will be the right amount.
  5. I've now done a orange-lemoncello & a vanilla-lemoncello. On both, the 2ndary flavors were more pronounced than I planned. Drinkable, but not a huge success across the board w/ our testers...but not a failure, either. The vanilla-lemoncello really appealed to me & I wanted to give it a 2nd try to get the right balance of vanilla. On the first batch, I only used the seeds. I was wondering if anyone had tried using the vanilla pods (those beans are dang expensive) or if they would add other unwanted flavors to the cello. Thanks!
  6. I was a little worried about being able to drink roughly 2L of liquor all by ourselves, but we've consumed over 30% of our batch in 9 days. Clearly the fact that you could feel the alcohol evaporating off your tongue wasn't enough to keep us from sipping at it the first few days.
  7. So. I did learn that, yes, you really have to let the syrup-infusion mixture sit for a few days to mellow. I was just so eager to get an idea of how my lime-cherry-cello had turned out, I poured a bit over ice right after filtering the fruit & mixing w/ the cooled simple syrup. I could have ignited my breath. I was worried I hadn't diluted my batch enough, but now, after a week, it seems like the alcohol content is about right. I definitely needed to add more cherries. I was really careful about not getting any pith on the lime peels, but there's just a bit of bitterness to it. I don't know if I need to reduce the steeping time or increase the sugar content. Since cherries are out of season, I thought I'd try a limon-orange-cello next. Has anyone tried one w/ ginger? I know there's some commercially available, but I was wondering if we have anyone in here w/ personal experience. Sounds tasty. I might have to try vanilla beans some time. I wonder if there's a 'best' way or just 'different' ways of getting to a good limoncello. I let mine stand w/ just the alcohol for 6 wks, filtered w/ cheesecloth then through a coffee filter (took an hour) THEN mixed it w/ the syrup. I was filtering a smaller volume, plus I peeled my limes rather than zesting. Both of those had to speed up the filtering process. On the other hand, my finished product is cloudy (happened right when I mixed the clear syrup with the clear infusion.) What was the problem with it? Bad flavor combo, or did the fruits not give up much of their flavor? Do you also combine the infusion & syrup earlier in the process then filter the whole thing at the end? What has led you to believe this? Have you run side-by-side batches to compare? Have you just been making cellos for years & years? I ask because I'm curious and want to make the best cellos I can.
  8. You don't *shoot* anyone with that. You club them to death with it
  9. Only a couple more weeks! I've been checking the lime peels every week to see if they've crisped up a little early, but no dice. I'm half tempted to just go ahead anyway. They don't break like a potato chip, but they seem crispy on the sides, but do bend quite a bit before breaking.
  10. If you look carefully, a scowling Boo is being held by Minsc. Did you play through Neverwinter Nights as well? I got halfway through NWN2 & got busy with life...still need to go back & finish it off. That did it!! Thanks!
  11. I thought some of you might appreciate this
  12. Anyhoo, I started up my first batch today. I think I about crippled myself trying to peel those limes. I'm trying: 10 lime peels (too few?) = roughly 1/8 lb 1/3 lb quartered cherries 1 L everclear (190 proof) Later, add syrup: 3 c water 2.5 c sugar On paper, how does it look? Would you increase/decrease the ratios on the syrup? Any critiques would be appreciated. I'm hopeful that using the everclear vs the everclear/vodka combo will speed up the rate that the oils leech out of the peels. I saw a suggestion on a blog where someone placed all the peels in a grain bag (for beer) and had a lot less mess removing them at the filtering stage. I'm going to try that next time.
  13. thanks for all the greetings. I'm a bit frustrated at my inability to edit....so I might be a mite more quiet than normal for me. :P I've got the most recent mozilla, so I'm not sure where the problem lies. and yes, my grammar will be spotty.
  14. Meriam-Webster says I'm a-okay! http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/suicided c'mon, this is teh intranets. It's COOL to be loosey-goosey with grammar, punctuation, spelling, ...intelligence. You want to be part of the in crowd, right? .....does anyone else have problems editing in this board? I cannot click my cursor onto any portion of what I've written to edit. It's like using a typewriter. The only way I can edit is to physically delete back to where I want to change something then retype the whole thing. I'm using mozilla...does IE work ok?
  15. Did a google search trying to find info on how to make limoncello. Found my way here. Since this is an absinthe forum, I'll make note that I had the opportunity to try absinthe when out dining a few months ago. I was surprised that it was now allowed to be served. The waitress said it was similar to ouzo, so I passed. I've never attempted to make any sort of alcohol before, so this will be my first attempt. My dad's made wine & beer in the past (I vividly remember the time he found a dead mouse in one batch). I don't care for beer and buying wine is just fine for me.