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  1. I did get my BDJ yesterday!! It's as delicious as I remembered!! Definitely in my top ten!! The see saw dripper is really a cool accessory! Quite fun to watch!!
  2. Hi All! Haven't been here in awhile! I ordered the BDJ special too! I haven't received it yet?? : ( I'm hoping it comes today!! I will be getting a free dripper too and can't wait to use it and re-taste the BDJ. The only time I tried it was at the catskill event and thought it was delicious!! Hope I enjoy it as much this time around!!
  3. Hi All, I'm sorry I haven't been here in quite awhile! Sometimes real life intervenes. Here's my 2 cents worth from the peanut gallery with my being a new member here. I had a wonderful time at the Catskill event, as did my husband and sisters. None of us had ever been to a absinthe event but we all decided we'd go to another as it was so much fun. We all had a great time! Julie and Scott worked very hard so that we could get together and have a good time. I think that everyone there had a great time! It was also great to meet other WS members. I think for future events it would be good to set guidelines and perhaps have a mentor there if possible, to avoid hurting folks who've worked so hard to make it happen. We can all learn from this.
  4. Cheryl, I hope you had a wonderful, wonderful day!! And a spectacular year!!
  5. Well my b-day was yesterday and I've just been so busy with grades and critiques I was actually very happy that I finished them up yesterday!! So I've been indulging in some champagne tonight! Nothing expensive, just a little California Korbel!
  6. Happy Birthday Joe!! I hope you day and year are filled with lots of family, friends and loved ones with many more to come!!
  7. I love king crab legs!! Since I don't kill lobsters at home, or anywhere else for that matter, I almost prefer the crab legs... Just as sweet without having to put live lobsters in a pot!! Ewww... I hate that!!
  8. Happy Birthday FPB!! Have a great year and more to come!! Hope you have some good absinthe to celebrate with!!
  9. Julie from CatskillCellars is great! She carries, what I would consider some of the best absinthe offerings around! Her Delaware Phoenix products are absolutely top notch! Just plain old delicious! I love both the Walton Waters and Meadow of love but MoL is a personal favourite! They're awesome absinthes and wonderful stuff!! Highly recommended by many besides myself! You won't be disappointed!
  10. Hedonmonkey, You should check out the artist "Balthus". I think he died a few years ago, but his paintings are awesome! Your avatar pic reminds me of his work! Hope you like them! Again Welcome to you Iculus!! Apologises if I spelt it wrong!
  11. Ditto on that! It is amazing! Will just have to try the whiskey since I her absinthes!
  12. Welcome and Cheers!! Walton Waters and Meadow of love are 2 of my favourites, right up there with the Jade PF 1901 and Eddy!
  13. Hey Butch! Happy Birthday again! Hope you enjoyed! A pre-ban on your B-day is pretty hard to beat! It really was sooo much fun!
  14. Lovely, lovely things sbmac! Thanks for sharing! It must be such a pleasure to use them with your favourite absinthe! Nice photos too!!
  15. Ditto here for me. I have to be sober when making artwork but that's me. After a day of work or studio work it is indeed sublime!
  16. Hello and Welcome! These folks will help you big time! They know their absinthe!
  17. Really nice spoons everyone!! Thanks for sharing!! I love checking out the antiques but have not invested in any at this point. Someday when I have some extra $$ to invest I will. I find besides spoons, I really like checking out antique absinthe saucer too!!
  18. That's just fine, as long as they are not trying to usurp the expressions "Fee Verte" and "Absinthe', which they are. I, personally, have no problem with the protection of "La Bleue", since this is a particular regional expression. I wouldn't dare lay claim to the word, "absinthe!" I find myself agreeing with FPB, Joe and Gwydion. If they were laying claim to the word La Bleue, I wouldn't mind so much as it is a particular regional expression denoting a regional product. But to claim the word "absinthe" just seems a violation of freedom of speech and press. To "claim" a word so that no one else can use it just seems wrong to me and smacks of censorship and a violation of freedoms. This is why it offends me so as a US citizen. I would be interested in hearing the Swiss VdT side of the argument and realise that due to legalities they maybe unable to do this. I think it would be helpful if they would make some kind of public statement as to their intent and purpose as far as tying to understand why they are doing this, if it is not truly an anti-competitive move.