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  1. CRAP!!! well i have a collection but they are all empty.. does that count?
  2. i go to foxwoods in CT whenever im on the east coast! i think I saw an absinthe bottle in their bar! maybe i was just hoping....or something;)
  3. add more sugar and a peppermint stick and u can drink anyting.. kind of like bong water ok wheres my green faced barfy icon?
  4. Mmmmm Lucid.. having some now.. trying to not drink my entire bottle in one week,. have you got hooked on the music on their web site? yay Nocturn! Hubby in Seattle now checking out the selection they have. Wish I could find Kübler in Wash state :( OMG i am having to settle for WINE tonight. DOOMED i tell ya!
  5. lucid and weight watcher lemon cake and then a glass of pinot noir
  6. YEP i use a sugar substitue and i dont find it effects the taste at all..
  7. Oh the Sweet and Lo isnt so bad! Im on Weight Watchers and had to give up the sugar (but not the Absinthe).. just wish that it would somehow come in cube form so I could use my spoons. And had the La Verte and the Absente as well! next to the Cr*p i made myself ( which was just a wee it better than bong water) they werent too bad but not ones I would repeat.
  8. Donna here from Washington State.. Heard about Absinthe a few years back on NPR and when i was in Pigeon Forge, TN in 2008 i found a small bottle.. cant even remember the name of it, it was 8$ and had about 4 oz in it. I was expecting the worse (something akin to whisky i thought) BUT I got hooked with it very first sip. Why have i fallen in love with something so expensive? I have had several different labels including Pernod, Lucid, Trilium, Pacifique, Verde, some i cant remember.. some i have had several bottles of.. probably have spent close to 1000$ in a little over a year. YIKES!! Its that taste! you know? I was an Ouzo drinker in college so this was an EZ transition for me. Tried one of the do it yourself kits.. UGH dont try that ever! what a waste of a good bottle of vodka. Cant wait to read what everyone has to say. I feel so at home!