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  1. L'Hermitage? a friend sent me the photo and said someone smuggled it back from Europe, had anyone seen/tried this? Just curious...
  2. Just found out I could get it in Orange County, much to my surprise. now its VP or Vieux Carre for my next go...
  3. Yay! I didn't even think we had it here at all! Thanks, Chris!!!
  4. Jonathan, They serve absinthe at The Edison downtown ($15-$25 a glass) but they've got several. The Edison and a great place to purchase the better stuff is at Silverlake Wines. Silverlake Wines. So far in the OC just the stuff at Bev Mo. (Obsello, Kübler, Mansinthe etc) If you find a specialty liquor place in OC, please let me know!!!
  5. Hello and welcome Stephanie. Cheers!

  6. Wow! thanks for the warm welcome! I've just started drinking absinthe in the last month, and absolutely love it. I had basically given up on alcohol in general because it gave me migraines and made an old ulcer flare up. Absinthe does neither. Jonathan, yes the same OC, in So Cal. are you ordering online? Silverlake Wines in LA stocks a few choice brands, and the guys there are so helpful! A little about me, I'm a makeup artist in LA and have been fascinated with Absinthe since I heard about its use by some of the greatest artistic minds in history. Especially since artists occasionally suffer "creative block", I'm always looking for a way to keep that "third eye" open. The end of this summer, on location at a photoshoot I saw a bottle of Lucid and saw that it was absinthe. I thought "No way, that's illegal, isn't it?" and went home and googled it. (of course) Through links on their site, I eventually found your forum and reviews, among many others. I started with Obsello, and my New Year's gift to myself was a bottle of Marteau. A friend of mine was living in Washington State for a while and recommended Marteau and Pacifique (which is hard to get a hold of, no one sells it in So Cal and the source many use in NY is almost always out when I check!) So Pacifique and Vieux Carre are next on my wish list. Feel free to send me any of your recommendations as well! And thank you again for the warm welcome:)
  7. I had 2 glasses of Marteau and watched "Factory Girl" with Sienna Miller last night in fact!
  8. I have to say I have had a glass a day almost every day since I purchased my first bottle on December 11th. I just really love the taste of it, varying the water/sugar amounts. I'll definitely become a collector. I'm curious as to whether we have any medical professionals who have any more to add about the pre-ban medicinal uses of Absinthe...
  9. Absinthejack, Funny you mention that. I had read it was used medicinally for such ailments myself. I suffer occasionally from ulcers and acid reflux. Alcohol made it worse and caused migraines as well, so I pretty much quit drinking unless it was a special occasion. Since discovering Absinthe, I have something I can enjoy that causes me no adverse reactions. Last night, I had a killer stomach ache, and was determined to have at least one glass of Marteau to celebrate New Year's Eve anyway. And what do you know? A quarter of the way through the glass? it just vanished. I believe there is something to this theory, indeed.
  10. Thank you all for educating a newb to the wonderful world of all that is Wormwood!