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  1. Besides, if it's not made in Switzerland it's not real absinthe anyways. Seriously ? .... that's like saying "because of Ford, if the car is not made in the US, it's not a real car "... Perhaps you meant it tongue in cheek - I sure hope so...
  2. Nice painting - she is hot - boy we don't get out much ... and welcome !
  3. Thanks... I promise to be impartial and accurate :-) However, I cannot guarantee I will not rip on few of my pet peeves like Czech school of Absinthe, pyrotechnics and making absinthe with extracts, artificial colors, sugar etc. ... otherwise it all goes.
  4. Hey, gang, since I got many questions about availability, I just wanted to let you know that you can now pick up La Sorciere Verte at K&L Wine Merchants and they ship to about half the country. Here is the link if you are interested. http://www.klwines.com/detail.asp?sku=1053966 They should have the Bleue soon and I will let you know. Also, if you are curious about some of my other creations, search for 'davorin' on their website. By the way, their spirit buyer/editor David Driscoll is a hard core absinthe drinker - loves it straight - no H20 - my kind of guy ps. Finally, after two week debate with the confused, UPS does not want to ship any beer or alcohol to consumers, just to distributors. So I will leave it up to K&L to ship. If anyone has found another way, let me know.
  5. This three tier system is a giant boondoggle if you ask me. (actually I could come up with a few stronger thoughts but ...). I am in discussion with CA ABC and UPS to make shipping easier and will advise when I get some resolution. I wish things were easier but we'll get there. In meantime, we could do a progressive tasting, Ridge, SF Bay area, Colorado... :-) Even sober up for the flights between - or not
  6. La Sorciere Verte is available directly from us. Just negotiating with K&L, BevMo and other online merchants and will announce soon. If you drop me a PM to davorin@oldworldspirits.com I can get you more ordering info in meantime. Of course, if you are ever in SF Bay area, stop by and visit.
  7. Love this forum ... 127 messages about this... two thoughts.... 1. COLOR - For what it is worth, making spirits clear is not that trivial and not just collecting 'hearts. It is a lot more than that. In fact, I could argue that coloring and bottling in dark bottles hides many 'imperfections'. Clear bottle with crystal spirit is like being in a pair of speedos on the beach. Nowhere to hide. I produce Eau De Vie's, Gin, Vodka, etc and let me tell you - I prefer places I can hide any flaws, turbidity, floaties, dust etc - Oak, sugar, dark bottles, etc. You can rectify later, cold filter etc, but then you affect /lose flavor. So getting things perfectly 'clear' is lots of precise work. 2. EDITOR REVIEW - I personally like having an impartial editor review - regardless of accuracy. As long as it is impartial and fair. Based on my limited review, Brian has done an great job and clearly explains why he rates the way he does. Others could all be biased for one reason or another. So keep up the good work and no need to change. In fact, I could argue that having a discrepancy between reviews sparks my curiosity. Also, editor that is inaccurate will fall on own sword sooner than later so it is self regulating.
  8. Sounds like we are all on the same page. Out of curiosity, who else is a distiller (legitimate) here?
  9. Great news. The more the merrier, as far as I am concerned. A little competition and variety never hurt anyone. In fact, I predict that people will start getting what good products should taste like and weed out junk. Raises the bar and we all get to enjoy great products. ( I am especially passionate about this point especially when I spend $80 for a bottle something like of Pernod Aux Plantes... this week which has honestly been just sad - extracts, color, yellow #5? I did comment on it in the product review section). It is actually interesting to watch how people react when they taste La Sorciere Bleue. In fact I make a point that people try both verte and bleue side by side and compare. The preferences have been 50-50 thus far but the LSB has a novelty appeal, is a bit gentler on the palate and an awesome louche (in my opinion).
  10. You are correct - in fact the art is extracting flavor through distillation while leaving the nasty bitter stuff behind in the stillage. You are welcome to come by and see what it tastes ( and smells ) before it is redistilled). Really nasty .... BTW, I just got a bottle of Pernod Aux Plantes Thursday.. Honestly disappointing. Looks like they used cheap NGS, extract flavoring and my 'favorite': FD&C yellow #5. Not good. Feels corporate ... perhaps I am biased to artisanal spirits but c'mon Pernod. In this day of good absinthes coming up, why do a concoction like that. I wish I could get my money back.
  11. I promise to act like an Absintheur. Actually that is how I approach all I taste first (but then I rip into the technical flaws )
  12. Thank you all for a warm welcome. As far as the recipe, it all started with a less sweet version of the Pelinkovac (Pelin = Wormwood) and Travarica (herb infused grappa with wormwood and other herbs) , somewhat ranging between Absinthe and Jagermeister - I did reformulate it closer to the original Absinthe partially because I prefer less sweet spirits and because I am just an Absinthe fan. (sugar, IMHO is the great rectifier for spirits and other things - usually you need to mask or balance something that is out of whack). Wormwood grows all over Croatian Adriatic rocky coast and it has been used for a long time in Pelinkovac and Travarica as a tonic for digestive troubles. Our northern neighbors, in Hungary, have had Unicum for some time, which I believe is also wormwood based. As far as purchase question, Derrick, I am in discussion with a distributor in San Francisco and the products should be available after the New Years. Currently it is sold in our tasting room. I would be glad to update you on this forum or if inappropriate to do this in this forum, I can PM you. Of course, you can join the Mailing list or Facebook page for updates. In the next batch, I will be taking some of Brian's suggestions and touching things up so stay tuned...
  13. Hello good gents ( and fine ladies who love Absinthe). Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Davorin Kuchan and I am new to the forum although not new to Absinthe. I am a third generation winemaker and master distiller originally from Croatia and have recently opened a micro distillery (BW and DSP) in Northern California, in San Francisco Bay Area (Belmont) called Old World Spirits. I have recently released La Sorcière Absinthe Verte and Bleue and have been on a quest for years to perfect my recipe which has lingered for generations in my family. I love spirits creation and personally, Absinthe is my favorite (with Gin a close second). I was hesitant to join the forum since I am a distiller who makes Absinthe, but if I promise to be objective, perhaps you will allow me to participate. I always welcome good company of people who share the same passion. Also, I may have opinions and thought that could border technical from the distilling perspective, if those are of interest - feel free to ask. Anyway, I am really looking forward to getting to know you in the forum and applaud the creators, moderators and advanced members for keeping the Absinthe message going strong. thank you... cheers davorin
  14. Alan, you are correct. In fact, part of my personal mission is to spread the good word of Absinthe (and spirits in general) to the American public. And heck, you learn something new every day. With two teenage daughters, I am frequently reminded how little I know. Perhaps one of these days we could compare La Sorciere Bleue with Clandestine Blanche (no fireworks pls) Joe, I will hop over to newcomers and introduce myself. Thanks for the invite.
  15. Gents... thank you all for heads up. After some more research, I admit the error of my logic. Here is the verdict - you are correct - absinthe in french is a.... girl. Below are few definitions from three key dictionaries in France (Larousse, Littre and l'Academie Francaise, which at the end would prevail). One other major dictionary is missing (le Petit Robert). The most interesting definition in from the Littre - there was a time when the gender was flexible but this has been settled and is now always a feminine noun. (see remark in red below) Thus, La Sorciere and any Absinthe are both feminine, thus Verte and Bleue. I will proudly correct this. I also thank Brian for his analysis and look forward to your future comments. as a thanks, if you are in CA, I would be glad to host you - or have you get your hands dirty and actually help me in the La Sorciere production ps. Here is the french stuff in case you feel like reading more... best... Davorin ------------------------------------------------ A. Le Larousse Dictionnaire absinthe nom féminin (latin absinthium, du grec apsinthion) Espèce d'armoise d'où l'on extrayait une liqueur. Liqueur alcoolique de couleur verte aromatisée avec cette plante. (Sa fabrication est interdite en France.) ------------------------------------------------ B. TV5 online dictionnaire> absinthe (nom féminin) Plante aromatique très amère, de la famille des composées.</FONT> Liqueur faite avec cette plante.</FONT> ------------------------------------------------ C. Le Littre dictionnaireabsinthe nf (a-bsin-t', ou, suivant la prononciation réelle, a-psin-t') 1Plante aromatique et très amère. L'absinthe se nomme aussi aluine ; le nom scientifique est artemisia absinthium. <LI id=var2>2Espèce de liqueur faite avec l'absinthe. Prendre un verre d'absinthe. 3 Fig. Amertume. Quand tu la vois si dignement Adoucir toutes nos absinthes. [Malherbe, III, 3] La vie est cruellement mêlée d'absinthe. [Sévigné, 120] Il vaut mieux ne se nourrir que d'un pain d'absinthe et d'amertume. [Massillon, Dégoûts.] Si votre langue n'est pas toujours trempée dans l'absinthe. [Massillon, Pardon. Dieux] Depuis que l'amour me tient à la torture, Il verse dans mon sein l'absinthe toute pure. [Tristan l'hermite, Panthée, V, 1] REMARQUE Le genre de ce mot est resté quelque temps indécis ; et Malherbe se servait indifféremment du masculin ou du féminin : Tout le fiel et tout l'absinthe Dont un amant fut jamais abreuvé. [Malherbe, V. 27] Aujourd'hui absinthe est toujours féminin. (Today, absinthe is always female gender) + ABSINTHE. 3Ajoutez : Avaler son absinthe, subir patiemment quelque chose de désagréable. Si je n'avais trouvé notre petit Livry tout à propos, j'aurais été malade ; j'avalai là tout doucement mon absinthe. [Sévigné, Lett. à Guitaut, 6 décembre 1679]