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  1. Thanks again guys, I had a great time last night. This morning is not quite as much fun. I didn't know my hair and toe nails could hurt. I found it difficult to say when with Ron's Clandestine, it is my new favorite.
  2. Bill and Ron showed up with some wonderful absinthes to sample this evening. Ron is still in my living room and Bill just left. I had an awesome night, thanks for coming over guys. Here are some pics-
  3. Thanks Master-P. /looks at watch Will 7:00 ever come?
  4. I have not tried a verte yet so that sounds great. There is an excellent Thai place on 23rd that we frequent often. Its kind of a hole in the wall place so its a good value as well. If you guys want to try something new it would be a good option. My wife has a less than adventurous palette and she loves it, the menu is broad.
  5. Bill, Ron, how do you guys feel about Thai food?
  6. I knew there had to be a magik button around here somewhere.
  7. Friday night would be wonderful. I sit in a cube reading medical reports for the government for a living. Workman has meaning for me outside of my occupation, it will make sense when you meet me.
  8. Totally hawt! (If you are into calamari)
  9. Thank you Azyanea. I promise I will let you go if I ever happen to catch you in <that bottle.
  10. Ty azy, I am a message board junky though so I was just wondering where the action is.
  11. You have to love kickin' it with the deep ones every now and then.
  12. This board has many sub-sections, where do the cool kids hang out? Is there a thread or two that stay active?
  13. I am enjoying this bottle of Kübler. Since we are on the internet I believe the proper response to that would be "schnapps are for teh n00bz"?