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  1. Was just thinking of "ol Wray"-still have that bottle of wine you gave me, miss ya man!

  2. Happy Birthday buddy!

  3. Thinking of you today, buddy. Miss ya.

  4. I miss you every day.



  5. The VDF (Blanche and Verte) both give me a cranial buzz. It's possible that the right combination of herbs gives it the kick that I enjoy.
  6. OMGB has my vote, I keep my unopened Absinthe in a dark area in my apartment like a closet. I would never store a bottle on it's side cuz the high alcohol will disolve a tcork. The high cost of Absinthe should be treated like a fine item to be stored as such ...... away from direct sunlight and in a cool place.
  7. I'm curious, what does your front avatar look like? Welcome Sassie
  8. I like it when the blog trolls have smelly substances dripping from their faces.
  9. They are supposed to taste different, while they both have the same herbal aroma, the ratio of ingrediants are unique. With the many Absinthes to choose from, I suggest you not put all your efforts in just two brands, but learn from tasting the inexpensive absinthes and work to the more expensive if you can afford to. You will be able to decide what brands are more suited to your tastes. Another excersize you can do is research what makes absinthe and taste each herb to get an idea of the mouth feel of each. Developing a palette takes time and I'm not there yet.
  10. Lemon Drop with a Splash, I'm a Morman and Molly is messing with me