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  1. It's available at the LCBO right now .. I saw 12 bottles at mine and had to grab one just because .. being 67.5% I find it a nice absinthe .. pretty straight forward and very overly complex .. kindof on the citrus side with the grapefruit peel added in it
  2. Dillon's small batch absinthe 67.5 has hit the LCBO shelves!
  3. nobody else has anything to say about the new sauvage??? it's interesting ..... I played around with it a few times and microwaved a few shots before diluting them and it's still an anise bomb but when you micro it it tastes more like a well rounded anise bomb .. I still wish I had some of the older sauvage to compare it to since I cant remember for the life of me what it used to be like
  4. having a glass of the new sauvage right now and got the twin tec breathing as I type
  5. second tasting: emmmm quite a bit of anise going on here ... and I can see why they suggest the sugar ... just to be safe I already stuck a shot in the microwave halfway through this glass, when I pulled it out and took a whif it was still warm so I got a good sniff of alcohol that just burned my nose .. haha
  6. I might bust out the pipe later tonight ..... I have some solani virginia flake w perique that I sometimes blend with some latakia and stoved virginia
  7. I got mine today and am trying it right now with a bit of sugar as suggested .... yeah its a bit weird but it doesn't taste too bad from what I can tell and I've had the previous versions however I dont know what to compare it to cause it's been a few years and I can't make bottles last that long it doesn't taste as bad as the other emile pernot products I've had lately though!.....much better than roquette I'm gonna try another one without sugar before I have to decided if its microwave time
  8. Having some Lucid and listening to nightside jazz and blues on MPR mount pleasant radio tonight
  9. I'm coming back to this one today after a few years away from it.... I can tell the similarities between this and the new rocquette which leads me to believe that they changed the base alcohol on most of their products. the mintiness I remember is still there but I'm getting this big huge punch of eau de vie ... but then again the bottling date on this is pretty fresh (L1215) so maybe with some time to sit that might fade a bit more ? but still, I didn't know they changed most or maybe even all of their products like this which is just a taste that doesn't agree with me either way I dont think I'll be grabbing more products from EP
  10. thanks guys! it's nice to be back here and back to absinthe ..... it's a bit weird coming back to it now, but I plan on resampling all of the ones I used to drink and will talk about them later . I'm kind of starting over again though.. I don't have my nice fountain from rueverte anymore (one of the ones they used to sell that was very decorative and discontinued) and the majority of my absinthe glasses and spoons since they were lost and broken during moving after having a few glasses though it's surprising how quick your mind goes back and you start remembering fond memories of absinthe and your palate never changes anyways I'll talk more later
  11. Blahf.... I dont order absinthe at bars anymore cause of this reason the only time I ever had a good experience with absinthe at bars was at one in Quebec that served La Clandestine with a carafe
  12. a glass of La Clandestine before bed tonight
  13. Is that a pack of Pernod Fils sugar cubes?