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  1. We'd be happy to send you a stack of business cards to hand out if you like. Actually.....do you really have something like that for WS?
  2. I have a question for the WS members..... When I have been meeting people who are getting thier first exposure to absinthe (or just have REALLY bad info that they "heard from some dude") I have been referring them here. Hopefully that is cool with all of you. My reason for doing it is that I know there are many, many well educated absinthe lovers on here, and I know they can get some real info......hope you all don't mind!
  3. That's precisely the way that I would do it. I've sat on blind judging panels before. It's much more difficult than you'd think. Think about the nuances of the aromas of louched absinthe. How sure are you that you'd pick out or enjoy the aromas of an absinthe after the 3rd room-filling absinthe aroma has been released? It's most definitely different from enjoying a single glass from a single bottle while relaxing at home. I can tell you that when I evaluate my absinthe, I usually do it with two of my other spirits. You'd be amazed at the flavors and aromas that you can pick out if you evaluate a Dark Rum a couple of minutes before a Verte. I am really quirky when in comes to this.....I even go as far as to eat very bland foods for breakfast & lunch before tasting. I also can never do more than 4 as I find my taste buds getting to a point of inability to get nuances. So I can only ever d one "flight" of tasting because even once I go back over samples, if I do it too much......I lose my ability to gets the tiny flavors I was able to differenciate before. One time I was on a tasting panel and one of the judges comes in drinking straight, bold, hot coffee.......then without anything else (and while leaving his coffee aromas to fill the room) just went right to tasting. The dude must have some level of sampling that I do not because......that's just impossible for me to do.
  4. I am getting there, I swear! Baby stepping my way to a full website! I shipped to the NY distributor for DUNY this past week, so now it just needs to get through the pipeline.
  5. Don't worry, Alain joined the company because he already like what we do and want to continue to do as a company and doesn't want me to change a thing. Feel free to ask me any question on the subject, I am pumped he joined. He does't want me to change my methodology, procedures, ingredients at all, if anything he wants to give me more tools for analysis and freedom to create. As a distiller, what else more can you ask for...... Oops one idea already came to mind: a shiny brass pole next to the still with a steady stream of the nations finest exotic dancers! (insert Dr. Evil laugh here) Regarding the other article.....as you can see the scrapple and homefries have an affect on my waistline. Ugh. I was really flattered that the writer of the article let me talk about the things that matter to me regarding how and why I do the things I do. It really is what I believe in, so its nice for someone to give me the opportunity to share that. I am still bummed about losing Harry Kalas though....
  6. All of PA should now have inventory, including Pittsburgh. If anyone in PA has problems with inventory in thier stores, just drop me a PM or call the distillery. I'll help you out the best I can. -Rob
  7. I didn't ship to Pittsburgh yet, so unless the PLCB decided to shuffle things between warehouses (which I doubt)....it's not there. If the store manager doesn't check the computer, they may have it in stock and just not know. Sometimes once they recieve it in inventory, it takes a while to make it to the shelf. It'll get there!!
  8. For those of you in PA, here is the link that will let you know exactly which stores have it in stock. They update this every day or so, so as it creeps out to the stores, the list will grow. It just takes a while. So far it looks like it's only reached the stores in southeastern PA, but the central PA stores should be soon to follow. If you have any problems please send me a PM and I will do the best I can to personally assist you. After trying it, feel free to send me a PM or just call to the distillery to discuss. I would be happy to discuss anything with you, I plan on being an open book about this (unless you ask me how many exact kilograms I use!) One thing I would really like to discuss on PMs with people is there feelings on the best water ratio, both visually and taste-wise i have noticed different thing come forward with it, so I am all ears on what your experiences and preferences are. http://www.lcb.state.pa.us/webapp/Product_...o=&offset=0 Where can I find the list of the acronyms that get hit in the word filter? As a gag, I am iching to get caught in it again! I just thought that thing was ingenious & hilarious!
  9. Once I know they have it to the stores, I will post the hyperlink to the PLCB website that will give you the full store distribution list and each store inventory. That way nobody is making a "wasted" trips to the store.
  10. I shipped Vieux Carre on Monday the 29th to the warehouse that supply Central Pa & the greater Philly area. Not sure how long it will take to filter to the stores (or how long it will take for them to stock the shelves) but it's out there. Enjoy everybody. Regarding the word filter that I was stagged in earlier......that thing is AWESOME, I wish I could play that joke on my buddies cell phones & outlook! I will confirm some herb usage rumors I have been made aware of..... I use Genepi and Fennel Doux. I also do a natural coloring process, with a course filtration, so there may be some minor dusty sediment. AiO, glad you enjoyed APO. I dig that place.....and I can get there with a brief cab ride!! Sorry about that last posting, my WiFi signal sucks and keeps going in and out. For some reason it posted the quote and nothing I wrote.
  11. Uhhhh....I didn't type that lesbian line......do i have a virus on my computer???? Can one of the admin's help me figure this out??? That kind of freaks me out.
  12. Since, there is alot of you is the general Harrisburg vicinity...... I'd love to meet all of you. I will be up that way in January to help my grandmother put away her Christmas decorations. She lives in Harrisburg. BTW, if any of you attended Central Dauphin high school you probably my uncle Tom as your baseball coach. Or if you grew up in Harrisburg, my grandpa may have been your mailman. Anyone care you sing "it's a small world after all"???? Luscious Oily Lesbians!
  13. After leaving the distillery last night I experienced something I'd like to share with the group. I was at a bar in Philly that held a Repeal Day celebration and the bar staff and owners told me some things that as a distiller I thought we absolutely fantastic! Here's a quote from the bar staff "we are trying to create new absinthe enthusiasts." Another great thing I found out it that when someone was trying absinthe for the first time, they were giving them vials filled with the herbs samples I had left there a while back. From a distiller's point of view, having a bar take the time to help people to develop thier taste buds by showing them the actual raw materials used is just the coolest thing. They told me they give them these 8 or 10 50mL vials and allow them to "discover". I thought that was such a great thing and I wanted to share it with the group here at WS. Maybe i am just being a geek, but I thought that action they are taking is awesome. I had no idea they would do that with those ingredients I left there weeks ago. I promised them I would provide them with more of these samples because i was so in love with the concept of them doing this. From a consumer point of view, how cool would that be to try something new, and be allowed to discover and identify these flavors on your own with all the ingredient laid in front of you?!?!?! My hat is off to these guys, I can't complement them enough for having this fun and educational idea and trying it out.
  14. Happy to tell you what I use. But I have one question for all of you..... I don't like to "bait" people on what something tastes like, I'd rather them enjoy the experience of trying something new on there own and make thier own objective decisions. If you don't feel the same or that it would affect, I'm happy to tell you what I use. But I also don't want to ruin anything for you or take the fun out it. Regarding using the elements of the Holy Trinity, I ABSOLUTELY use those ingredients. For those of you that want to see a sampling of the herbs I used, I gave some to Nick at Apothacary in Philly should still have some vials of various herbs I brought in while we were discussing elements of absinthe that he likes when building a cocktail. Some of the ones he has I don't use, but a good percentage i do. Regarding asking for shipping updates. It will be going into southeast PA VERY VERY soon. I saw one guy on the forum is from Pittsburgh.......you might get it last just due to trucking/shipping. Sorry man, that one's out of my control. One thing to note for those of you in PA, sometimes the stores will get a shipment in but it is stuck in the inventory stockpile in the back and they may not get it out on the shelf, especially this time of year. But most of the store managers I have met are very cool, and will check thier computer for inventory. Tell them the item code is 5899. I think you can preorder, but I don't know how...sorry. Any problems, just let me know and I will help you out the best I can. But please email through the website where you live and myself or one of my other company co-founders will find a way to get someone to sell it to you. Cool?
  15. Does it have real wormwood? Isn't that poisonous? How much thujone does it have? Will it make me hallucinate? Will it make me crazy? Will it make me cut my ear off? Welcome aboard. That's hilarious!