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  1. Hi, this is the new correctly topic is the Aderlass Absinthe. This topic used bad brand name: http://wormwoodsociety.org/forums/index.ph...ic=5036&hl= Plz use this in the future and watch my ritual video . Thank u
  2. Hello! This is my new absinthe video. watch it now, and send to your friends! Absinthe Aderlass Ritual Sándor
  3. Luscious Oily Lesbians!, he used the (my fav) versailles glass
  4. Welcome! Try one of my new favourite: Aderlass! I cant write a review , but i want (system say: password or username invalid) :(
  5. This one of my favorite: Panyolai Szilva Elixír All Hungarian brandy, onto which the maker's name is written, is excellent!
  6. Im happy, becouse u know the fantastic "Tokaji wines" from my country! We have Tokaj, but we have more parts: Tokaj, Tarcal, Tolcsva, Mád, Tállya really authentic places And, we have fantastic brandys - say : pálinka, try it ! Sándor
  7. This one of my favorite glass. Versailles from La Rochere (from Markus Lion -absinthe.de) see my youtube video in action! (in signature) I love the classic Pontariler glass, but i havent tried it yet. I will try the next night with Aderlass absinthe (make video! )
  8. haha! When u come for my country, i drink with u!
  9. Oh, as the high quality wines? The Thank u for ur answer man!
  10. Hi! I found the "storage" topic, but i have questions: In my room, the temperature 29-30Celsius I have a Marteau, Tiny little sediments, dirts appeared on the bottom of the bottle. The drink got ruined?? Into a fridge i can't, but there is warmth like this in the flat everywhere Thank u!
  11. Hello! I found in my favorite webshop the Absinthe Aberglass: http://www.absinthe.de/shop/alkoholgehalt-...s-07/sprache/0/ Somebody has an experience with this absinthe? thanks, i waiting a review
  12. i found the original fairy lamp! http://germanhistorydocs.ghi-dc.org/sub_im...m?image_id=1661 regards all
  13. U think this lamp not real? do you take it in that manner, this lamp false? Was a lamp like this never being made? Alandia imaginary this lamp? thank u