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  1. Ah, I love the smell of xylene in the morning! Morgue/ histo work..the xylene substitute is just not the same...
  2. Hey everyone! I know Raki must be available in the US, although I think when we first married it wasn't imported but you could carry it in. I am ready to ship and have tons more info on the Raki. It is Yeni..which is common, but I learned that every region has its own blend of Raki..Yeni or otherwise. Tekirdag has the most famous and the smoothest in Turkiye..my brother in law lives there. The one I grabbed from the old man is an Istanbul blend of the one popular in Adana. Probably somewhat smoother. Adana is the TEXAS of Turkiye. The love hot food and have an imperial sense of braggadocio. My husband says that it shoul be consumed VERY cold..keeping a water and ice slouche handy. Use a 4 to 1, four parts water to one part Raki. Ice as desired to chill.Although the mix is up to your taste. Serve it with feta cheese..a good one and a nice watermelon. My old man tried the Emile with me and loved it, of course he said it was just like Raki, which I noticed a remarkable difference..more to the Metaxa taste as it lingers only herbal, not anise. The Metaxa lingers fruity. I had some odd things happen, like a cloud thing dancing on the top of my Emile....now,now..I only had two! Where can I send the Raki? It is ready to go and I will be able to ship on Saturday. Hiram I am still working on some smokes for you from Turkiye. I smoke the Tekel 2000 when I can get'em as well as a couple of others. There are still places in Turkiye where you can have you own personal blend made and your initials put on all the cigs in gold...leftovers form the empire still exist, but are sometimes elusive.
  3. Hi Dogboy...I am still gathering up goodies to send off to the society..will return soon.
  4. WOW! Zman,now where to start. Yes Arak, Ozuo and Grappa all have that same premise. Thre ones available here, at least lst time I got them are pretty generic. Yes, it seems to have that heavy anise start, with little finish in my opinion, but so many folks just adore it. MONDAY OR TUESDAY? They just sent an e-mail that it shipped..the Emile...sh*t gotta go to my fancy little grocer and find some decent cubes. You know Absomphe I was absolutely in a quandery about which one..I almost did the Blanche, but thought I'd wait on the Jade 'til I had some experience. Hiram, I will check on those cigs for you as well. Turks never seem to ship anything, they just always have friends or family coming and going...bringing goodies etc....plays hell with "Did you pack this yourself..and has it been in your possession..." "Hell no, how do you expect me to get any goodies?" Customs hates that answer. Will have more info ala Raki as soon as the old man drags his arse in the door. Also, the Yeni may not be the same potency, they may blend especially for export on that one. More to follow...
  5. I have been to the FeeVerte site but did not join. Should I join?
  6. Hi Volpane, the history is fairly sketchy, though we know it is originally a peasant beverage as it is against Muslim law to drink....but the Turks have always graciously ingnored this law from sultan to shoeshiner as the have always been secular thinking. It is a grape and Anise combo referred to as Lion's Milk, because of the milky consistency it achieves after water is added. It is the National drink of Turkiye, and was overenjoyed by their famous first president Mustafa Kemal "Attaturk" or Father of the Turks who was an instigator the toppling of the Ottomans. It is served with chickpeas or feta cheeses to eat as appertiv, not unlike Absinthe, although it is fairly sweet and no sugar is added. Some consume with ice, some just water. I will ask for the exact dilution from my old man this evening and will post here. All you need is some good Raki, a couple of Raki glasses and water and ice as well as some the little munchies. I will try to give fine detail tonight from a native and practiced Raki drinker. I just posted an order from Absinthe online UK for a bottle of Emile 68 :hyper: I am going to get to work on this Raki business now. Back later with more info and stuff.
  7. P.S. Most of the really good Raki are not legal for importation, either! The drinks must be cousins! I will interrogate husband for more details.
  8. HIRAM! CONSIDER IT DONE! AS SOON AS I GRAB SOME I WILL MAIL IT OFF! I will try to get the direct import from Turkiye, brought as always by a friend who has been there visiting. I can turn you on to the ritual for it's consumption as well! It would be an honor to do so after your kindness! I will ask for a mailing address as soon as I grab it.
  9. Thanks, Hiram I will point them, if not unlike the others, I can find time! Your society is the only forum I have ever joined. It is worthy.
  10. Hello Illuminati, I was paranoid before and now you have arrived! :D I Guess I upset some members by interrupting a personal discussion, so I hop I am not bothering you.
  11. Thank You all...I will make an order very soon. Now ,that withstanding..about me...I was raised in the home of my maternal grandfather who was born in the year of our lord 1889...I am 41..I was exposed to a plethora...a gamish if you will, of european customs and ideals..as a matter of fact, the 20th century doesn't fit me well. Absinthe is about the only worldy experience I have not crossed paths with. I have asked your blessings as I know to enjoy even the unavoidable joys, sometimes it is smart to ask someone who has already indulged. I was born in Illinois, and am married to a fella from Adana,Turkiye. I have visited eleven countries and hope to travel again soon. I suspect that Absinthe tastes similar to Turkey's national drink RAKI, louche and all. I shall now go to the profile area and rest assured I will no longer interrupt anyone under any circumstances..consider me told. Hiram, I hope to talk often, Absomphe, thank you for understanding, and bless you Conju for taking the time to introduce yourself..G&C, I would like to hear more from you and lest I should forget Monsieur Grim...I used to work as A Pathologists assistant and autopsy assistant...any relation?
  12. Wasn't Absinthe in Isadora, the story of Isadora Duncan played by Vanessa Redgrave?