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  1. Hmmm. The glass may very well be old, question is how old it is.

    The Brouilleur is still no easy to tell only from those photos. It looks a bit thicker than most of the crystal replicas around but that surely isn't a guarantee of anything.


    The glass type isn't a very rare one so that alone shouldn't fetch an awefully high price though it seems to be in very good shape.

  2. He was saying that nearly 50% of his repeat customers were Crapsinth buyers, which is why I ruled out giving up that enormous market share any time soon.


    Question is - what was categorized as crapsinth and what was not? I mean, the Italian Leone sure isn't any good, but it's no czechsinth. The Huguet is all but a good absinthe, but it's no czechsinth, and so on.


    Are the 50% of return customers for czechsinth only?


    In that case which of the Czech absinths get the most return customers?

    I think that would reveal a lot about those return customers.

  3. And how is that different from the cheapest crap in the Belle Epoque? Which actually contained downright poisonous ingredients. And those products were labeled "Absinthe" and sold as such.


    Eventually the govt. actually set up regulations to prevent this shite from being sold and actually do harm to people's health. See... Even then they got their shit together.

  4. Well, they were right on both accounts. Absinthe is a potent liquor and it is illegal in the US.


    The effect would be the same from any alcohol though and that is what they left out.


    Either way, it's a dumbass thing and I want mine for myself, thank you.

  5. Things will certainly not change for as along as "we should accept that this is the way it is and people have the right to buy crap"...


    Unless we quit that thinking things will never change and this thread won't end until it is locked and we're all banned from this joint.


    Oh well - on to a glass of absinthe. Real absinthe.

  6. Yes, some aquavits do contain wormwood, other don't.


    Shabba: For God's sake! In reality, speaking about different languages, Absinthe, Absinth, Absint, Absinto, Ajenjo, Absenta are all the same.

    WE have classified absinth as inferior to absinthe.


    Again, if the label reads absinthe (or any of the above variations) I expect to get that. Just as well as a bottle of Pinot Noir wine damn well shouldn't contain a chardonnay wine. Right?


    Is there some form of magic lazer beam shield to common frickin sense in here that I can't see?

  7. If it says absinth or absinthe on the label, is there any reason to believe that it is not absinthe?


    For pretty much every other damn product on earth there are strict guidelines for what may be called what. Butter better be butter (not bitter). Can't sell strawberry jam without strawberries. You may sell Strawberry FLAVOURED jam if there're no real strawberries used.


    But you may sell whatever the hell you want and label it as absinthe.


    Homework or no homework, if the label says absinthe - no matter what country it comes from - I'm expecting the contents to be... tadaaa... absinthe.


    Oh and Hiram - those quotes beat the shit out of me too. It seems to be in perfet order, but won't work.

  8. Well, since we where talking about vendors and companies selling various things I assumed that this too was a dealership.


    In Sweden there are some things to help even in a private sale but of course no where near if you buy a new or used car at a dealers.


    Now, for your brake issue - of course they wouldn't disclose that. Why would they? If it's bad enough they will do a recall of all cars of a certain model. If it's not, they'll just fix it on warranty.

    Besides, all cars and bikes and household appliances and God know what, have their little issues. There are no perfect cars, no matter what brand. Some seem to have lots of trouble with brakes, some with gearboxes and so on. I doubt you thought owning a car would mean you'd never have to fix anything. Right?


    Either way, even with a reasonable amount of homework done, you shouldn't be faced with products that aren't what they're sold to be.

    Do your homework, find a car, buy the car, get a car.

    Do your homework, find what you think is absinthe, buy the "absinthe", get a colored vodka.

  9. When it comes to the gov'mint (EU, US and others) on regulating and legalizing absinthe, they'll probably consider only two ingredients: alcohol and wormwood. Why? Because they are the two known ingredients in absinthe with known deleterious health effects when used to excess. That's why there's limits on the thujone content in any spirit/food. Note how in the article on Absinthism I posted indicates, these medical researchers consider czechsnithe and Jade the same in this regard.


    Not necessarily. In France there are also regulations for fenchone, which is why there is little or no fennel in the La Bleues sold in France for instance.


    Setting up regulations would require much thought and research. Not even the EU or US governments are stupid enough to simply say - ok, here - alcohol and wormwood makes absinthe. Because in that case, 90% of all swedish aquavits would be able to be classified as absinthes.


    There would have to be regulations regarding natural/artificial ingredients, method of manufacture etc. It's no easy task. Just reading through the pages in this thread proves that.



    If a customer educates himself enough to know that the car he/she is buying is the type of car he wants, then the customer has educated himself. If the seller does not tell the buyer about the flaws it may have and just selling it "as is" I doubt even a judge would laugh at him. I'm not sure about all states in the US but in most other countries there are regulations helping with that as well.

    A customer cannot be required to know everything about everything.


    If a customer that knows very little about Scotch enters a bar and ask for a scotch, he is likely to get the cheapest brand they have, and pay too much. If he specifically ask for a Macallan, he'll pay for the Macallan and - hopefully - get a Macallan.


    If a customer enters an online shop not knowing much about absinthe he should atleast be faced with a selection of what is actually absinthe and educate himself from there.

  10. The reality is that there is a market for crap in every industry.


    I cannot find fault with a supplier who provides fine products for educated consumers and also provides shite to idiot consumers, because it is not unreasonable to think that the idiot consumers far outnumber the educated consumers.


    Absolutely true on both accounts. But you know what? There is a whole world of crap products that actually would be classified as absinthes. Contrary to czechsinth that is.


    Emile Coulin is one. Cheap as hell ans not much to write home about. But hey - it's even distilled! Pernod 68 is another one which would easily fall into the category of crap products. And the list goes on.


    The thing here isn't wether or not there is a market for crap. It's wether or not it is really ok to sell a products as something it is not. I understand that vendors sell it. That's not it. The problem is it shouldn't be labelled as absinthe in the first place. If it wasn't, then vendors wouldn't be able to sell it as such and this whole thread wouldn't have existed.


    The one thing vendors could do about it would be to either not sell it at all (and make it to lists of recommended vendors on a bunch of sites) or at the very least make sure that the marketing of such products is correct and not to carry a million different ones but to atleast select only the "better" ones. It would be a step in the right direction. The range of Czech products at the eAbsinthe site could easily be narrowed to 3 brands. (In a perfect world only the Toulouse Lautrec would be left in there). Trul is shite, but atleast louches a bit, Toulouse Lautrec is actually absinthe (!) and then the La Fée Bohemian which I doubt eabsinthe would ever drop.


    There are bad tasting absinthe in the other sections as well but that's not the point and taste is individual.


    In the "Others" section there would only be four left - Montmartre, Doubs, Huguet and Leone.


    On a side note... Alan, I'm happy to see that you carry Peychaud bitters!