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  1. The still att the Matter-Luginbühl distillery, if I remember correctly, could be modified by turning some levers depending on what you wanted to distill, partly to control reflux.


    There was also very smart solutions for cleaning it and steaming etc.


    AFAIK, made according to the specs by Oliver himself. A very nice setup.

  2. Not too shabby, although some disagree with Ted's assertion that absinthe can't be made with modern equipment. I'm fairly certain that if absinthe had never been banned, Pernod Fils would be using state-of-the-art alembics today.


    But all-in-all, not a bad job representing our vice of choice.


    Much like the one Kallnacher has and uses for experimentation for absinthe as well as other things. New, modern with lots of nice features but still very traditional.


  3. Oh I know very well what my insurances cover. Also, if I buy a $2000 suit, I wouldn't expect to get $2000 for it 5 years later. Just as I wouldn't expect to get the full amount I paid 6 years ago for my camcorder.


    Values drop, it's as simple as that. Unless you could prove that the $2000 suit actually increased in value because it happened to be a one of a kind haute coiture creation made by some pinky-finger swaying designer from Italy, or something. Then, you might even get more than the $2000. IF you had that specific suit insured for a higher value, a value that can be proven correct.


    I know many insurance don't work that way and that many insurances only cover minimal costs and hardly get you anything back. But if you travel a lot, you should spend the extra dollars on a really good insurance covering whatever loss you may have.


    Edit: Hmmm... I just now read it in another way, you mean that the $2000 suit would be way above what the insurance company would pay for your lost luggage and thus you wouldn't get the full replacement value... correct? That is very true, and that is also why you need to have specific items like that, if they're really valuable, insured "separately".

    Or, if you really need that suit when you get to wherever you're going. You could flying monkeys it to your destination. It would fully insured, 99.9% sure to be there when you get there and you'd damn well be able to afford that if you can pay $2000 for a suit. ;)