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  1. Finally a day with some sun again so... Took the liberty to enjoy a glass of old liqour in the garden.  :D

    Looks good! Absenta Escat, 1920? yummmm

    I see a spoon on the soucoupe, did you add sugar? And what's that slice of electric green on the left side of the picture? Almost looks like the side of a mari Mayans bottle.


    Yes, I added half a cube to that glass. I've also had it without sugar and either way is lovely. I really do like my absinthe with sugar though. That green thingy is an ouraline carafe. :)

  2. Well, I figured I'd take the cream up my behind and order a bottle of the Mango. Ended up cancelling it... Shipping came to 50 Euro. I thought about adding a bottle of 16% "Absinthe Lehmann Mousse" (a cream liqueur with absinthe!) while I was at it.


    Just couldn't bring myself to spend close to 85 Euros on two bottles of shite! Sorry.

  3. How about this one? $40

    Seems like it is much better quality too.


    I can vouch for the excellent customer service from these people.


    Brass/Wood Tippling Cane w/ Compass


    Ok... But is it only one little shot of what ever booze you want to carry?

    The upside of the Toulouse Lautrec cane is the beautiful design with the three separable parts for three drinks... The other one holds five shots of goodness.


    A compass won't do any good once you're drunk anyway so that one's an un-needed bonus. Much like a Rambo-knife. Hmmm. shall I cut this to the north or the south!? Hell, let's do it west! YAY!





    Blanchette is good.