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  1. Good grief...wasn't the Rape of the Lord of the Rings bad enough? (Acknowledged, the movies looked phenomenal, but for my part I give credit to the costume designers and artists. The screenplay must have Tolkien rolling in his grave....) There is a lot of Lovecraft I'd like to see on film though, given the right treatment.
  2. Lucid...skip it. Pacifique...not my favorite, but lots of people like it. Kübler...skip it. Obsello...pretty good. Mansinthe...really? Don't rule out Vieux Pontarlier or Duplais Verte...definitely among the best buys on a limited budget. DUNY ships virtually everywhere, so you should be able to get them easily enough.
  3. Welcome to the Wormwood Society.
  4. Sazerac made with Herbsaint...which is clearly what Herbsaint is for.
  5. I didn't know there was a such thing as too hoppy. I get what you mean, Peridot...but to address your comment perhaps a bit too literally, I would say a beer is too hoppy when you perceive an unpleasant dryness in the finish or if you get an unpleasant taste of soap over the main flavors of the beer. No comment on the Old Crustacean...never tried it. Btw, I listened to "Yog-Shothoth is the Gate" while drinking a glass of Walton Waters and was sent an advertisement for Wendy's salad by Myspace, which I thought was just totally bizarre.
  6. Obviously not. I would certainly categorize the Jade line as more suitable to fireside than poolside enjoyment. The antithesis (despite being every bit as nuanced and complex) would be Pacifique, which also manages to be subtly playful, and sprightly with no heavy-handedness, or funk. I really think this is a matter of biology as much as it is the distiller's craft. I well know that Pacifique is highly regarded by many, and I have no doubt it's good absinthe, but it's not really one of my favorites. What others perceive as "sprightly" is to me overly peppery, without the herbal balance needed for such a spicy flavor. I also find it a bit light in terms of mouth feel. I don't get heavy earthy flavors from the Jades...rather, I perceive just the right balance between the herbal and spicy notes. The 1901 is lighter and more "sprightly" than the Edouard, but the two are close.
  7. Duplais verte or blanche? The VP is a good find, btw.
  8. They need a new label, I think. Does it not look as though the girl has left something unpleasant on the ground behind her?
  9. All of the Jades are here? My wallet hurts! But this is good news.
  10. What, you seriously think he's just doing sums for the group? Get real. Oh, and to get back on topic here...we're deep into the summer of 2010 (and it's hot! damned hot!). What are the odds they'll make their release date?
  11. Ding ding ding!!! Roquette is the proof that a thick louche is overrated!
  12. Is "absinine" a word? If not, let's coin it as an adjective for use when describing LTV and it's marketing.
  13. That's a part of the process (and an ingredient) that I never knew about.... The More You Know!!!
  14. Vieux Pontarlier...I was reaching for the Walton Waters...again...but I realized I would run out too soon if I didn't husband it just a bit...
  15. Good to see the old SPAD is still up there in the wide la bleue yonder...
  16. Thanks, all! I'm getting ready to have a glass of Walton Waters, by way of celebration.
  17. I just checked out the SG website. I was overcome by art.
  18. Retrogarde...making The Past a better place! Nice pics!
  19. If it weren't important, then the phrase "The Oldest, Largest, Most Authoritative Absinthe Forum." would never have come into existence. Oh, snap!