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  1. Yes, they did...evidently the Swiss passed a law....
  2. Pacifique is the better absinthe. Too bad you decided against Duplais Verte, though... definitely my favorite on your list of four.
  3. All spirits are made from plants, are they not? Are we to infer that there is no "magick" in the humble corn stalk, from which we get bourbon? Does not Hecate or some goddess or other inhabit the mysterious juniper berry, from which we get gin? I won't attempt to answer these questions...I'm in the absinthe is booze and booze is booze camp, and am not impressed with "secondaries" or subtle herbal qualities, etc. Born skeptic, I guess. But whatever one believes about the magical or sacred properties of plants, absinthe is just one of many...noteworthy perhaps for having been banned for the better part of a century, but after all that was just a colossal misunderstanding.
  4. Not on Facebook...that would be me...will change my location to Ulaan Baatar....
  5. Best news I've heard in quite some time! By all accounts it was dreadful, and I tend to agree it did lasting harm to the market in the US. Good riddance. By the way, just for the record, I think the LTV bottle sucked too.
  6. Ever try a neti pot? It changed my life...seriously. No. Not even close.
  7. Well, Molotov cocktails at least....
  8. Excellent post...I'm all for protecting absinthe from the effects of fake products, whether Czech, French, or whatever. The way to do it, though, is to agree on a definition of what constitutes absinthe and then enforce it internationally. And this definition will have to be an identity definition, not a quality definition. In other words, there will always be good and bad absinthe, but bad absinthe should still be identifiable as absinthe, just as bad bourbon is unmistakably bourbon. In the meantime, we should all be boycotting VdT absinthe. I unabashedly call for such a boycott. Don't support their attempt to take sole possession of term that does not belong to them. For the record, I love La Clandestine...it's as good a blanche as you'll find on the market. Don't buy it! So doing puts money into the pockets of the wrong side.
  9. True. However, most plants are green, so I think it is fair to say we already have adequte color variation with verte, blanche, and rouge. (Gothika is a pretender, in my view.)
  10. I would say both are equally unnecessary when one is drinking absinthe.
  11. I see I have a new item for my January "not to do" list!
  12. I use coriander in beer sometimes (Belgian ales, for example) and so doubt it's the culprit (with the understanding that distillation may be a factor where fermentation is not). I'm not familiar with genepi. White pepper, though...Shabba, I think you're on to something!
  13. A new bottle, recently opened, though I'm not sure how long it sat before I received it. I don't see a date on the bottle. There are a couple of absinthes I've had which I thought were rather peppery...La Berthe de Joux being the one in question. (The other was Vieux Carre, as I recall.) I don't know which ingredient gives absinthe a "white pepper" note...fennel, perhaps? But I do think there is too much in LBdJ and VC both. The former is somewhat better, I think. I plan to keep trying this one periodically...if I notice any change over time, I certainly post.
  14. La Berthe de Joux, which I'm afraid I find to be rather one-dimensional. Acceptable, but far from great.
  15. I hear you, Bill. I'm a big fan of the 1797, always without sugar.
  16. There is already a review page for the original, so you need only add one for the oak-aged version (and I agree, separate review pages are warranted considering the very different treatment the two absinthes get).
  17. PF 1901...just opened a bottle from September 2009...tastes mighty good, I must say.
  18. Today is a special day...I think I'll have to crack open my last bottle of PF 1901...
  19. Ditto...it sounds like the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster of absinthe.