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  1. Very keen to try the Blues Cat, as I missed out the first time (sold out too quickly!). Just put in an order for a bottle.
  2. The Ridge blanche is very good…it has become my "go to" blanche, as it holds its own with the best of VdT, which I no longer drink in any case. The Ridge verte is also good…it reminds me a bit of the Roquette, although it is perhaps more restrained. Joe, if you ever were of a mind to make a verte more along the lines of the Roquette, I think there would be a market….
  3. I find absinthe goes well with "Apocalypse Now," particularly the director's cut.
  4. It was already pretty mellow by then. I was thinking more of, say, 1999-2005. Fair enough; the FV I remember was never as explosive as the Lounge, but even so, the regulars could be…ungentle...in their treatment of newcomers.
  5. When was the last time you tried it? The reason I ask is because they implemented the 'solera' style system after the first few batches were bottled. If you had tried a bottle from the non-solera batch, it would more than likely be quite different from the newer bottlings. According to Ted, the recipes themselves were not changed for the U.S. market. Good question…I want to say the last bottle of PF 1901 I bought was no more than two years ago. The bottle I currently have is the first I've purchased under the new JL 1901 label. The differences I have noticed are as follows: 1. Color: Every bottle of PF 1901 I ever bought was bright peridot green. The current bottle is darker in color, with a more olive tone. 2. Aroma: The JL 1901 is very herbal and bracing. It reminds me a little of the Roquette, though it does not have the medicinal character of that absinthe. 3. Flavor: More intense that what I recall from the PF 1901. Again, it makes me think of VdF, although JL 1901 is more subtle and refined. If Ted Breaux says the recipe is unchanged, I'm not sure what is going on. Could the herbal ingredients have changed this much from year to year?
  6. It's good to see you all again.
  7. I guess I was thinking of the old FV and the Lounge…has FV mellowed while I've been away?
  8. Well, I just received a bottle in the mail today, and am currently enjoying my first glass of the evening. First impression: this is not PF 1901; I would not say the recipe is radically different, but it's not the same absinthe. That said, I am enjoying it so far; I find it quite bracing and intensely herbal, like a more refined version of the old VdF. Add to that, the green sealing wax did not turn to powder, and the cork did not crumble…I think we have a winner!!!
  9. Agreed, although even including Obsello and Lucid (both a tier below Marteau and Ridge, to be sure) with KoS and LTV indicates indicates that the author is, at best, a fool. Maybe someone should set up an "absinthe review sites to avoid" page... Edit: here's what the site says about FV: "Excellent site for Newbies. Very polite and gracious participants and moderators." Whoo, boy….
  10. I can't believe I missed this thread! Fantastic! But surely this was a lounge lizard yanking our chains…. Hiram, thanks for posting the TED talk…very thought provoking…and then Satan showed up!
  11. They also suggest making it "your St. Patrick's Day drink of choice." Okay, so it's green, I get it...but really, that's just bizarre. Still skeptical.
  12. So, you are on the right track. As far as I know, there is still no legal definition of absinthe in the United States; however, experts on the historical spirit agree that it must include wormwood (artemisia absinthium), fennel, and anise in the recipe. Also, it does not include sugar. I believe Absente does not include a.a. and does perhaps include sugar, so it's not the real thing. Catskill Cellars sells a variety of good absinthes; I've always had good experiences buying from them.
  13. No need to worry; the MMR is very good. I will say that I sensed a bit of a change from the previous version of Marteau…at a guess, I would say that one of the finishing herbs has been dialed up in the mix, very slightly. Maybe a. pontica? It reminded me a bit of the Leopold, though the flavor was not quite so intense.
  14. As Redd Foxx famously said, "Life is hard; 'course, it's a lot harder if you're stupid."
  15. Roquette is a favorite of mine as well, but tonight I am enjoying the Jade V.S. 1898, which I find somewhat similar.
  16. There's art and then there's art...
  17. I remember trying L'Italienne some time back...thought it was just bizarre...a lot of unrelated flavors all going on at once. Didn't much care for it.
  18. Happy Christmas to you all...I received a bottle of Ridge Verte for Christmas this year...very good stuff. Reminds me of the Roquette! The Yuletide will be indeed be full of good cheer! Well done!
  19. Lingzhi tea, in the hope it will alleviate this crappy head cold I have.
  20. That must be what I heard...of course, one does not hear all the accent marks!
  21. I think Leffe is pretty widely available in the US. My wife is quite keen on it; in fact, my next brewing project will be a Leffe clone, just to please her. For my part, I find it unremarkable, but in Paris I've heard it described as "biere Belgique; biere superieure" (with apologies to those who can actually speak and spell French).
  22. No, you're fine. Enjoy your NO...it's very good stuff.