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  1. Well, Marlow. My personal boycott is over, or at least it will be soon. I just need some kind of confirmation on this (and as reported in Georges Meliès post no. 638 above) and also that the issue regarding the general term absinthe is now over and can't be resumed again.


    Well, Seth, that's fine.


    Just be aware, they didn't renounce their skullduggery; they just lost in court and are making a virtue of necessity.


    As for me, I don't always buy Swiss absinthe, but when I do, I buy Duplais.


    Somewhere or other I read that taking this to the last stage will cost them 18,000CHF. A chunk of money, but not huge in the grand scheme. I can only hope that they realize that the odds are against them; they aren't likely to prevail so is it worth throwing good money after bad? It's pretty obvious that their entire argument is flawed.


    However earlier today I found a French-language Swiss site and read the article, and then the comments. The latter were almost all from people in the Neuchatel area (the website was for a newspaper there). They were emphatically aghast that the ruling went against them. So it's not just the producers. There's huge support for the proposal among the local residents. Still, they are outnumbered. No matter how strong their civic pride and love of local history, it's just not possible to say that absinthe is unique to VdT. For that mater, people are still arguing over the question of whether it even started there or not. But no matter, even if it did, at the time of the ban there were millions more bottles being produced in France than in VdT.


    This French language article talks about how angry everyone in VdT is about the judgment.



    The Interprofession de l'absinthe Wednesday did not hide its indignation and incomprehension after the decision of the Federal Adminitrative Tribunal to not give the IGP "Fée Verte." Angry, the Interprofesson de l'absinthe will need to determine its chances of success in an appeal.



    They can cry me a freakin' river....


    I can't say how pleased I am to hear that, at last, a court has ruled against these VdT schemes, but I too will be continuing my personal boycott of VdT absinthes. There are plenty of good choices in the world these days, and I see no reason to buy from dishonest people.


    If you feel the need to buy absinthe from Switzerland, I suggest Duplais Verte.


    Otherwise, there is a long list of quality offerings from France and the USA to choose from.

  3. If you click on the link in the last comment on the first article they have a section on bad absinthe...


    I haven't tried marteau or vilya, but from what I hear they don't belong in the same group as king of spirits and La fee.attachicon.gif7242014183224.jpg


    Well, the reports you have heard are quite accurate.


    The "warning" you cite, to be honest, makes my blood boil.


    No honest man would put Ridge/Vilya or Marteau in the same group with King of Spirits or La Tourment...or for that matter, Lucid.


    Don't be fooled. Ridge and Marteau are both top notch. I especially like the Ridge Verte.


    PS: Obsello also deserves a bit more respect, though it's not in the same league as Ridge and Marteau.