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  1. I saw some online information to the effect that the shop Vert d’Absinthe on rue d Ormesson in Paris has closed. Does anyone know whether this is true? Anywhere else with a good selection of absinthe in Paris?
  2. So, I finally broke down and ordered a bottle of this. I will definitely be ordering more. It's a Jade, to be sure, but more intense and even medicinal (in a good, tonic sort of way) than their typical product. Reminds me of the Roquette in some respects, and also VdF (though more refined). Very good absinthe.
  3. I've had several bottles of 1901 since I last posted in this thread...they've been pretty consistent in appearance, and all have been very good. It remains my favorite, though I am drinking Edouard as I write this.
  4. Nothing particularly unusual about color variation in absinthe...I've occasionally encountered that dark brownish green in several brands.
  5. JL 1901...nothing beats absinthe on a winter's night.
  6. Getting ready for the blizzard...luckily I still have half a bottle of JL 1901 left!
  7. Glad to see you are still at it...keep up the good work.
  8. Thanks for the information...may just have to go old school in this instance.
  9. Edouard is also very good...I remain partial to the 1901, but it's a very near thing.
  10. Well, I have to say, I feel that I've learned a lot from this thread. Now, if only someone would tell me, who is that guy in the white hat?
  11. Any U.S. distributors have this yet? Or is it still strictly Flying Monkeys?
  12. So, how did it go? 1901 is one of the best absinthes available, btw...I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I would refrain from adding sugar, at least until I tried it without first.
  13. Well, Seth, that's fine. Just be aware, they didn't renounce their skullduggery; they just lost in court and are making a virtue of necessity. As for me, I don't always buy Swiss absinthe, but when I do, I buy Duplais.
  14. They can cry me a freakin' river.... I can't say how pleased I am to hear that, at last, a court has ruled against these VdT schemes, but I too will be continuing my personal boycott of VdT absinthes. There are plenty of good choices in the world these days, and I see no reason to buy from dishonest people. If you feel the need to buy absinthe from Switzerland, I suggest Duplais Verte. Otherwise, there is a long list of quality offerings from France and the USA to choose from.
  15. Well, the reports you have heard are quite accurate. The "warning" you cite, to be honest, makes my blood boil. No honest man would put Ridge/Vilya or Marteau in the same group with King of Spirits or La Tourment...or for that matter, Lucid. Don't be fooled. Ridge and Marteau are both top notch. I especially like the Ridge Verte. PS: Obsello also deserves a bit more respect, though it's not in the same league as Ridge and Marteau.
  16. Please consider a new supplier of corks for Jade absinthes. The trademark disintegrating variety currently used to seal your very expensive bottles is not very pleasing to deal with. I have once again had to decant an entire bottle in order to strain out the crumbs. For you absinthe distiller's on the forum, how much of a problem is oxidation?
  17. We need a face-palm icon...and the teacup just adds insult to injury.
  18. Redux! Maybe I should break out my Apocalypse Now disk to go with it....
  19. Just received a shipment from DUNY, which included the Redux and also Jade 1901. First impression of the redux is favorable...fairly intense herbal profile...maybe with minty notes present in the mix? In some ways, it reminds me of Ridge Verte, though I think I slightly prefer the latter overall. Shabba, any plans to add Redux to the review list on the main site?