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  1. haha excellent photos..very different
  2. He's just misinformed and probably trying to act "cool" in front of the other guys. I don't think it does anything bad for Absinthe. It gets more people into it and then they find the truth themselves. If they don't find the truth then they are the ones missing out and looking like idiots in the end. I'm pretty sure 95% of people here and on other Absinthe forums first thought Absinthe was an hallucinogen or something similar when they first heard about it.
  3. Welcome to the forum Gaye! Excellent to see more Aussies on here, even if we don't post much... Ricki
  4. I get most of my herbs from http://www.herbsupplies.com.au
  5. Happy Birthday Hiram.. Have a good one!
  6. New Nine Inch Nails album 'The Slip' and a glass of Nouvelle-Orleans. Great combination.
  7. These are just copies of Port Sippers but made to look more like crack pipes. Bad idea.
  8. I have never noticed any bubbles in my Absinthes when i louche.
  9. Sounds like it would be an excellent party. I wish i lived in the states and could get an invite.
  10. For me, Bombay Saphire is my commercial gin of choice. I also like distilling my own gin which i think can't be beaten.
  11. Commerical Sources: Verte: Jade Verte Suisse (Best commercial i have tried so far,imo) Blanche: Kübler (Nice taste and perfect price range for me) [edited by admin to comply with board policy]
  12. What type of drill do you use to create the holes for the taps? The fountain looks magnificent by the way. Good work.
  13. In Australia they sell Stromu Absinth(aka Green Fairy Absinth) + an Energy Drink premixed in cans already called "Fairy Bomb". It tastes like cheap shitty licorice mixed with the cheapest type of energy drink you can buy.