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  1. Anyone have any input of where to go from inside the US? Also. I'm shocked that with La Fee's Absolut-like marketing campaign, that they aren't in the US!
  2. Just curious if anyone happens to know if there is one definitive book on the subject that shouldn't be overlooked?
  3. I've started infusing simple syrups with mint and lavender at work by steeping the herbs in the hot water and then adding the sugar. Essentially making a tea first. As much as I hate making mojitos, it is a nice touch.
  4. Yesterday I recieved the Amer and the Pernod 68 in the mail. I just poured a glass of the Pernod, and I'm suprised at how much more I like it than the Pastis. I usually go for Granier or Ricard for pastis because Pernod tends to be too sweet. The absinthe isn't nearly as sweet as I thought it would be, even though I like the Amer a little better. The louche and color are good as well. My last absinthe order was the La Fee Parisian, and that stuff looked radioactive, and was way too sweet. It just felt more artificial. I'm sure that I'm missing out on better stuff, but I have to say that this time I got feel more like I got my moneys worth for four bottles.
  5. I think I figured the picture thing out...
  6. Interesting. I just got an add for it from a folder left by one of our distributors. I might get some just for the hell of it. Thanks.
  7. This stuff is making me think back to Van Mariani and other early 1900's cocaine wines. Has anyone tried this stuff. The marketing is over the top cheesy, and it's legal, but I have to know if it's any good.
  8. What I wouldn't give for one of those vintage bottles. I still can't figure out how to load a picture into a message. It won't let me copy and paste the code from photobucket, or attach a file and let me preview it.
  9. I can't figure out how to load the picture in.
  10. Dump? *gasp* I hope you mean into your mouth!! You can always compensate by pouring less. Yes, I feed my barsink pretty well sometimes.
  11. I have Luxardo, and I don't use it in many things, just Aviators etc.. I'll play with that tomorrow night (if my stitches are healed enough to go back to work-lemongrass cutting incident).
  12. Who is the best vendor to get this from? I can't even seem to be able to find the name of the producer.
  13. I relocated to Seattle from New Orleans. I'm a 29 year old bartender who lives in west Seattle. I am most passionate about the classics and prohibition era cocktails. Always looking to learn a new trick or two!
  14. Ok, one more cocktail. I was just reading a piece on Strega in which Zig Zag Cafes Stega Daquirie was mentioned. The rum threw me off, but then again I haven't tried it. This is on my menu as The Wicked Olympic Witch, but it will soon be changed back to it's origional name... LUCIFERS MONK 2oz of Stoli Vanilla 1/2 oz of Green Chartreuse 1 oz of Liquore Strega 3 dashes of Fee Bros. Lemon bitters splash of fresh squeezed sour mix Garnish with a Vanilla Bean and a dash of fine ground white pepper