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  1. It was certainly different. I enjoyed it, but I do understand what people mean when they say it was 'empty'. The only place that really had any historic charm was the old strip around Freemont Street. The majority of the city was glitter and flashing lights engineered to try to extract every last dollar out of your wallet. It is a great place to visit if you have any kind of self-control, but it probably the worst place in the world to be if you do not. The thing I found the most odd about the place was that all responsibility regarding the consumption of alcohol is strictly on the one drinking (which is in direct opposition to the Victorian attitudes regarding alcohol we have here in Canada). Bars and casinos there will never cut you off (unless you are causing problems for other patrons) and you can literally drink openly wherever you want with very few exceptions. Despite this, I never saw a single fight the entire time I was there. If they allowed people to drink like that where I live (20 mins outside Toronto), there would be fights, vandalism and all kinds of wanton mayhem. I found the lack of any sort of drunken brawling in Vegas somewhat perplexing, especially seeing as this is a city that doesn't simply tolerate public drunkenness, but actively encourage it. As for suicides in Vegas, I was half-amused by the fact there is a suicide barrier on every bridge on the strip. I guess a lot of people do blow the kid's college fund and think about ending it all. I did end up scoring a bottle of Kübler as a souvenier, and shot off a full-auto Tommy gun. All in all, it is a great place to act irresponsible and act like you are 18 again.
  2. To all you that want to try Pernod 68: Here is a review I wrote when I tried it two years ago when I dicovered they were selling it at the LCBO. Since that initial experience, I have tried La Fee Parisian, Combier Blanchette, Taboo and Kübler. IMO, Pernod was the worst of the lot. Keep in mind that this was my first taste of absinthe. http://liquor-pig.blogspot.com/2008/12/per...8-absinthe.html
  3. Why all the hate for Vegas? That place rocks!!!
  4. I am drinking Aberlour 10 year old tonight, but I knocked back a few glasses of Kübler 58 last night.
  5. Hey, I am leaving Saturday for a week in Vegas. Are there any bars or liquor stores that stock absinthe close to the strip? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I tried this one last night. I thought it was a crisp, fragrant drink with hints of wormwood and a light anise finish. Definately miles above Pernod 68 and La Fee. I have also tried Combier Blanchette and I liked this one a little better (personal preference). I am hoping to get a bottle of Kübler soon so I can do a comparison with it. I will do a more formal review when I have a little more time.
  7. Directions or even just the address would be awsome! You have been a great help. BTW: A friend was wondering if you know any Buffalo area beer/liquor stores that sell Champale. He has been wanting to try some for some unknown reason, and we can't get that either here in Canada. Thanks again!
  8. Toronto, Ontario in Canada - The land of the overly-taxed.
  9. I have purchased Gantous & Raad Arak at the LCBO.... In fact I am drinking a glass right now. I find it quite pleasant and cheap at $21.00 a bottle. Search the LCBO site and see if it is available in your area. ***EDIT: I just saw you are from Toronto. They currently have 25 at the big liquor store at Queen's Quay/Yonge St. downtown.
  10. I take it Kübler is not available anywhere in the Buffalo/Rochester area...?
  11. Hello, I may be coming to Buffalo for a weekend, and was curious if anyone knew of any Buffalo-area stores that regularly stock Kübler. I figured if I am going to drive down to the U.S. there is no point in coming back empty-handed! Thanks!
  12. Based on the advice of the forum members, I have ordered a bottle of Taboo and hope to have it by the end of the week. I'll post my thoughts on it once I have had a chance to try it.
  13. Well, here in Canada we have a choice of Pernod 68, La Fee or (now) Taboo. Is Taboo better quality than La Fee? Tastes may vary from person to person, so I am more concerned with a balanced flavour (not to heavy on the star anise). I know our selection is limited.... The alternative is to order from overseas and pray customs doesn't confiscate your bottle (I obtained a bottle of Combier Blanchette that way). God I hate Canada's archiac liquor laws. The irony of it all is that absnthe was never banned here in the first place!
  14. Actually I just found this: http://www.wormwoodsociety.org/index.php?o...40#user_reviews I would still enjoy feedback from anyone else that has tried this product before I go ahead and order some.