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  1. Hi Everybody next I go to East country for test/smeel and talk with East Absintheur about absinth... Many city I want see but my problem is I dont have contact (for chip sleeping) in Bratislava, Vienne and Budapest. Did you know a contact for me please ? Arno
  2. Here, you find a little abstract from my poster presentation in Association Sociologist and Anthropologist conference march 2007 Metropolitan University London about - Thinking through tourism -. You have a part of my research. "On framing the reintroduction of a plant in the idiom of marketing: (re)constructing the patrimony of Absinth" This poster is based on photographs taken during my social anthropological research on the recent reconstruction and rehabilitation of Jurassic wormwood in the French region bordering Switzerland (Franco-Switzerland). Part of the ethnographic component of reflections on regional identities and territory, the images also attempt to show cultural features evident in the relation between a space – a localised mountain micro-region– and socio-economic practices among local people that are associated with the reintroduction and consumption of a universally known drink. It is a question of both grasping and understanding the way wormwood is associated with its area of origin, the collective aura to which this plant gives rise, transformed into a drink, elevated to the status of myth in the registration of qualifications among collectives groups of actors associated with the production and consumption networks of absinth. It is thus a question of making a visual inventory of the forms and dynamics around developments generated by growers, distillers, those promoting its ancestral heritage, and even of collectors and passionate devotees. Absinth turns out to be a formidable tool for cultural promotion, tourism, part of the relationship between locals and tourists that is couched in terms of its patrimony or economy depending on whether one speaks about it as a plant, substance, ingredient, drink, product of the terroir, a taste, a myth, or a notion of tourism and identity. It will be photographed and thus listed on these territories and places of origin, the various tendencies, divergences, similarities and compartmentalisations making it possible to constitute a comprehensive view of the worlds of absinth. Indeed, the prospects are for (re)evaluations of the product to turn into the spearhead for its universalisation by proposing to the city that it be adopted as the emblem of the area and of its inhabitants. With no hesitation joint arrangements have been set up with their Swiss neighbours for a possible project on “The country of absinth” (“Pays de l’absinthe”), an attempt at cultural redefinition of the product is anticipated. The town museum of Pontarlier has a accumulated a collection of objects and works about absinthe and has worked tirelessly for six years organising the “Absinthiades”, (the village of Boveresse in Val-de-Travers as for him celebrate each year since ten years famous “the festival of the absinth” (“La fête de l’absinthe”) which is an annual festival celebrating and promoting understanding of the various aspects of absinth not just to a regional but also an international public.
  3. Hi T73 for you answer... In fact I started with me interested “gentillement” in the subject about 2001 and I actively started to work the ground in 2003. I was obliged to find a university and a professor who can thus follow me in this adventure… I was officially registered in thesis in 2005. I èspère to finish in the two years to come. But the problem of the ethnologist is to manage to stop its work… more one digs and more one discovers. Always is it that I carry out this work by pure scientific interest, indeed nothing was not made in anthropology on the subject. This work had to be done! I know already that I am awaits the turning per much of anybody for the publication of quelquechose… patience! How to taste good Absinth, I want to also take my time! I have already just a little text in english from a conference I have made in London in march 2007. I can post it in this forum...
  4. Thank you very much with all for your well reception ! I have biensur to visit the beautiful site of oxy but it did not give me information which interests me. It is important that you know that my step is before anthropological and that I is not defined at all as a historian, but like an ethnologist ! Indeed, which interests me, are the current social behaviors, the contemporary cultural fittings of the Absinth all over the World, the various uses and direction which the absintheurs live. The topics of the Identity, the Food, the Taste, the Body are amongst other things my anthropological fields. Ethnological work is a work of hard ground where it is necessary to be patient. It is a question of taking its reference marks in geographical spaces while being interested in the habits, of meeting and then quite naturally to sympathize with the indigenous one. Even if I have of excellent relationship with many of my “advisors”, I try to be most professional and neutral possible between the various stakes and interests. The relations of confidence are established with the time and the repetition of the meetings. I am sincere and with free spoken, I am secret and does not reveal informations only one not entrusted. As you will have included/understood, I am originating in the area where the wormwood with begun, I am thus Inhabitant of Franche-Comté and I particularly like the culture of my area and close Switzerland. I thus quite naturally started by studying in my area before attacking me in the World. I thus have my preferences gustatory and ideological on drink but I as well as possible try to know them and admit not to fall into subjectivity. Important thing: I am just an observer and not a "etablissor of moral". I am not there for saying that a thing is well or not well, that a wormwood is better than others,… What interests me above all, constructions symbolic systems and social. Another important thing on my subject, I am not nor commercial or salesman of wormwood (and does not want absolutely to become it). I am not financed for my thesis, I thus have freedom total of my remarks and does not work closely or by far for a distilling. (However, the generous patrons are the welcome if they leave me this scientific objectivity!). Bye !
  5. Hello everybody ! My name is Arnaud Van De Casteele, I'm French and I excuse for my English ! I am in doctorate in Sociology Anthropology and prepares a thesis on the Absinth. You can see my site : www.absinthology.org . That made from now on more than 5 years that I am interested truly in the Absinth in all his forms and with all his actors. I was born into France country not far from Pontarlier and since my tender childhood I always intended to speak about the green fairy. As, more as all I am impassioned subject and people who live her Absinth' world. For my anthropological work, I have an ethnological step of ground, i.e. which I travel to the meeting of anybody who want to speak to me well about the Absinth according to their point of view. I will be very honoured with being able from now on to meet more and to discuss with people coming from the United States or other countries and I thought that you could have helped me while speaking about my research. Thus horticulturists, producers legal and clandestin, alcohol salesmen, restorers, professionals of tourism, scientists biochemists, and biensur… of the Absinth Drinkers ! I began my ground in the area of the east of France and in Switzerland, visiting Paris and opening my ground maintaining in Europe: Spain, Portugal, England, Italy, Germany. I will be in Roumania ( 5 at 12 october) in Barsana to make a communication in a anthropologic conference of "Food and Rituals". I currently prepare one “Ethnologicalroad absinth” connecting Prague in Bucharest, while passing by Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Barsana and Cluj. I need some addresses of bars places, distillings, and autochtone’s contacts. I am opened with all practical information and assistances to organize my way as well as possible. Also if you have information on the various visited countries, do not hesitate with me to forward them. So, If you knows some people in this city, absinth's drinkers or not, Absinth drink and distillery, you can perhaps give me her email. If you gan give me some help, you welcome! Many Thanks Arnaud Ethnologue Absintheur