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  1. Hey gang, I was surprised that I was unable to find this mentioned elsewhere on the forum. A bottle of absinthe was somewhat prominently displayed on the December 11th episode of the TV show "The Office". I am wondering if anyone noticed this and, if so, if it was a known label or just made up for the show. Yes, I have been remiss in my punctual viewings of "The Office"... just catching up on many missed episodes now. Hence the timing of this seemingly outdated observation/query.
  2. Article here from Urbandaddy NYC. I wonder what kind of absinthe they're made from.
  3. Greetings all, I realized this morning that it's been a year since I joined the Wormwood Society. Actually a year and a day. And I just wanted to thank everyone, particularly Hiram of course, for the fantastic amount of information I've gained by being a member. I have 15 bottles of absinthe now -- 15 bottles that, thanks to the information gleaned from this forum, are all perfectly decent absinthes. I feel it's only fair that I should give back to the community a bit. So, in celebration of my one year anniversary of being a WS member, I pledge to review all my absinthes and post them to the reviews section. I've only submitted a couple reviews over the past year, and to me that just isn't right, considering all I've gotten from WS. So, thanks again everyone! And my reviews will be coming forth forthwith and posted posthaste. Hey... maybe we could ALL review our absinthes!
  4. I wasn't sure if this paper has been mentioned on here yet. One of my naysaying acquaintances pointed it out to me, in order to discredit my constant proselytizing on the safety of absinthe. I lack the chemistry knowledge to deny the specific technical analysis claims in the paper, but maybe one of you chemists on here can point out the flaws? The paper starts off as your typical alarmist mythology (myth-information? myth-understanding? myth-guided?) of absinthe, but then it gets pretty technical, using purportedly actual scientific data with footnoted references to back it up. Weird. Sadly I couldn't locate any contact info for the author, because it would be nice to straighten this person out. Any of you chemists have any thoughts on this?
  5. Thanks, Peter! And I like your HF quote as well...!
  6. This video here -- the interviewer is a bit obnoxious, but an okay video overall. Starts at 18:50.
  7. Welcome to the forum! The 1901 is my favorite as well.
  8. Yeah, Little T's is still around! I almost went there last night, actually... it's a standard gathering spot for friends after late-night events. Total dive, true, but as long as you're not there thinking you're in for authentic Mexican food -- rather, you are there for decently priced late night snacking -- it's great. I love the punked-out waitstaff. And their dining music consists of choice retro morsels like Devo and the Circle Jerks. It's at 26th and Nicollet. [edit for typo]