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  1. (*blink, blink*) Where am I? Funny....I could swear I know you people. Did we, perhaps, meet back when the world was young? Hello to you all on October 1st, in this, the fucking longest Year Of Our Lord, 2020. Hope this finds you well!
  2. You're welcome. I saw the name "Barnaby Conrad" and figured the men had to be related! It's such an evocative obit. He lived to be 90, but I associate the kind of character Barnaby Conrad was -- the things he did and the life he led -- with men who came of age in the first half of the twentieth century. Every generation is a mixed bag. That generation, with its particular sensibilities, is passing into history. For better and for worse!
  3. I dropped by yesterday, saw this thread and watched the film. Enjoyed it. Barnaby Conrad III, whose gentle civility feels not of this century (a trait I find very appealing), is one of the film's principal interviewees. While watching him speak, I had this thought: "That man had a difficult father." So I was startled to see his father's obit in this morning's New York Times. The deceased was a Hemingway devotee, bullfighter, writer, artist, nightclub owner, and two-fisted drinker. We don't know that he was a difficult father, but he certainly was larger than life! (My own father, a Hemingway devotee and two-fisted drinker who shot tigers for sport, was difficult.) Our sympathies go out to Barnaby Conrad III and his family.
  4. Doesn't bode well, Abs. My proofreading skills suck. Juleps are my favorite "sittin' on the veranda" summer drink, although given my druthers, I'd druther drink 'em in an air conditioned bar. (I should have been born in the UK. The only summer I've ever enjoyed was the year I went hiking in frigid northern Scotland.)
  5. A pretty wild julep riff, but it sounds fantastic! Did they serve it in those julep cups?
  6. Everything on the cocktail menu looks good, although a Clandestine julep would have been right up my alley. Big julep fan.
  7. Alan, it's a date. Be great to meet you after all these years! (Lagniappe, it's always a blast going to the Maison with you industry types. Manangement loves you, and I get to bask in your halo.) I'll be there when doors open and snag a nice table in the back. Have never tried any of their cocktails, so you'll have to lead the way. Of course he did! Can't keep a killer clown down. To be fair, Ponchartrain clown had a long and distinguished run. Off-topic, is it no longer possible to edit our own posts from a previous day? "The absinthes was, as you say, overwatered," I wrote yesterday. ("Absinthes was"? Cringe.)
  8. Whatcha know, Abs? You done gone and changed clowns on me, podna! Didn't recognize you.
  9. Thanks, Scott. The gang at Maison Premiere is great. And not just the managers.....everyone I've ever dealt with there has been friendly and helpful. Did you know there are (or were) three Maxes working there at the same time? I've only ever forgotton to ask for water on the side once, and it was when Joe and Jules were in town! (The absinthes was, as you say, overwatered.) By the second round we were doing it ourselves. I'll definitely ask for a see-saw dripper. My Canadian friends will be mesmerized. Père Ubu, thanks for chiming in on the Leopold. Of the ones I haven't tried, it sounds like pick of the litter. Ha!
  10. Gwydion! How's tricks on the Left Coast? Let's try to cross paths ere Zimmerframia kicks in! Joe! When did The Punk relocate to Binghamton? Is he happy? Busy? Bet he misses that beautiful Montana scenery. Say hey to Jules for me, and I look forward to seeing you two in the spring! Louchey, I've made note of all your recommendations, and thanks very much for your help. Doubt we'll stray from the "A" List, but just in case, it's good to know what is and what ain't worth the whistle. Brian! How ya doin', and how's the family? Feels like forever since I last saw you guys. Beckett must be in grad school by now.
  11. Hidy, kiddos. How's every li'l body doin'? Happy Hols to one and all. Nothing thrilling to report, other than that I singlehandedly consumed a two-pound monastery fruitcake this week. No need to respond. I know, without asking, that you envy my life in the fast lane. Am here to pick your brains. Canadian friends are visiting at the end of month, and I may whisk them out to Maison Premiere for absinthe and dollar ersters. It'll be my first time back to M.P. since Joe and Jules were in town. (Are yez ever coming back, please, please???) Maison Premiere absinthe menu (hit link, then click menu to embiggen) The absinthes highlighted in yellow are ones I've never tried. Am content to stick with the excellent absinthes I know, but does anyone have a favorite among those highlighted? No review necessary, just wondering if anything leaps off the page. Thanks for your input. As 2012 winds down, I hope this finds you all happy and in good health!
  12. For years you've been hollering "Sex Grease!", and all along I'm thinking, ha! That Baubel....such a wordsmith, and so original! When I saw it was your birthday I went Googling for a generic photo of "personal lubricant" so that I could Photoshop "Sex Grease" onto it. Imagine my surprise when Google coughed up an actual photo of Sex Grease — a real product! Are you their paid spokesperson, or do you just really, really love the stuff? Whatever! Happy Birthday, and many more.
  13. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .