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  1. (Irritating only to some; I say post how you like-- there's no logic to complaining about a few wasted bytes with a 52KB animated gif.) As for the topic-- LOUCHEBAG is my new favorite word!! And Hiram's new graphic is posterworthy...
  2. FWIW both of my Frenchman fountains came with healthy doses of grease and metal shavings in the spigots, requiring complete disassembly and cleaning. They're a little too "authentic" for me-- would happily buy a different brand.
  3. Welcome! Good order, though I don't care for the Eichelberger 68-- tastes like Versinthe to me. I'd go for a 50cl Jade, for sure, and only one from M-L... Somebody needs to start wheatpasting NOTICES on the Old Absinthe House to get them with the program... I've emailed twice... Better yet-- somebody should convert the Absinthe House Bar back from its present purgatory! (When I lived there, we referred to the long one as the Absinthe House or Absinthe House Bar, the square one as Lafitte's Absinthe House or the Old Absinthe House. The result was that half of the party would meet up at one, half would meet up at the other, and then the parties would meet up after people sent scouts to the other place to tell folks they went to the wrong bar! I far preferred the Absinthe House Bar, myself-- spent about 14 out of 24 hours there on Mardi Gras Day a few years back... [edited for bad grammarage and speling]
  4. Welcome! Glad to hear the liver's doing well! Your mad glass skillz have gotten my gears turning, for sure... I imagine you'll be getting PM requests for pitcher/broulleur/fountain work...
  5. Buffalo in the house?! That's my home town-- love it! Curious if absinthe's served anywhere; would be appropriate at Oliver's, I guess... I'd call Premier to see if they'll hold an order for you. They've got an amazing wine selection too-- worth spending some time and asking questions. Then, hang a right on Sheridan and head down to Ted's, or keep going to Millersport and stop in at Duff's... [drooling]
  6. Read: "pissed that the end of the ban means an end to their scam."
  7. Agreed, stick with Lucid and Kübler-- they're legit-- then you'll be floored when you try a Jade of the Roquette!
  8. Interesting sugar substitutes... but welcome, doc! as for the question-- the drip provides agitation, which helps for the louche and especially the dissolution of sugar ('cause sugar doesn't like dissolving in the cold.... In theory, a quickly watered absinthe should get to the same louche as one that got dripped-- not sure why it's not the case.
  9. Second batch is much better... still the freak of the party, though...
  10. I totally understand-- it sucks to wade through the muck. I think the blame lies mainly with forum software-- loads of wasted screen space, incomplete threading, bad searching, threads going off-topic all over the place (like this one) because they can't be split. They're all bad and mucky to some degree. Visually, it's always a disaster. But it all sort of works, especially when people try to explain themselves clearly and politely ask others to do the same. But it has that whole "quote" style applied to the block-- your eyes can skip it instantly; it's not a waste of time. Not a valid analogy, but I see the point that you find it annoying. I'm just trying to point out that annoying things might be annoying for flawed reasons. Among others, there's no guarrantee that another person hasn't posted in the interim, making it potentially unclear what you're referring to. I've made my points, folks can get pissed about silly things if they like, but the scolding is a bigger "offense" than the "offense." If something gets too long, ask nicely for a trim. If you're getting a little cranky, try a little lube. SO... abisnthe-- good or no?
  11. How 'bout let's all please lighten up. I don't litter, always use turn signals, and always respect my hosts' requests. I had no idea you weren't being playful-- that's even more rude, then; if it's not your party, why not let your host invite the other guests to remove their shoes, if it matters to your him? I'm being perfectly clear about why the "rule" is flawed, but nobody seems to care, deferring to guidelines they're violating themselves more than enforcing. The "rule" itself aside, it often comes across as condescending when people point it out. That sort of petty scolding drives people away from the forum. The word of the day is curmudgeon. Now, wasn't somebody trying to talk about absinthe? Pouring another St. George-- I want to like it....
  12. Yeah, hoping I like it more. Still best to plan for a rush, no?! Such a high quality product, I hope they diversify like they did with the Hangar vodkas and make a more traditional verte with a Northern California angle-- herbalism is alive and kicking up here, and not just for the Mendocino sorts of herbs. Maybe a sweeter one to the monkey's savoriness. So disappointing to hear about people stashing unopened first run bottles... disappointing that I didn't buy a second one to stash...
  13. I do not mean to offend our generous host, but scolding new posters about grammar, spelling, or quoting can be unwelcoming. How often do you correct the language or diction of people you meet in the real world? Or, for that matter, of anybody except your own kids or students? I understand that it's intended as a playful introduction/induction, but the quoting "rule" is inconsistent with how people use computers now-- people generally set up email to quote the previous message, even if it means some text is copied many times. It's counterproductive to scold people for a practice that is the norm everywhere else. I'll continue to point out the pointlessness of "don't quote the previous poster" scolding!