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  2. Howdy Bill! Sometimes folks get their fill of certain places and circle back to others. I won't say I was ever lost...being "found" is a matter of debate though.
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  4. Milk of Amnesia- the prototype to the fine Ridge Distillery blanche
  5. Plum Pudding in a Radice Silk Cut Aero Reverse Calabash. Happy Memorial Day!
  6. Hi Peridot! I've been fine like, well, sand I reckon. Hope you are well. Forums aren't all doing bad. Some are still very active due to members and admins keeping things interesting. We all get bored at times. Perhaps people will start drifting back in with all new stuff, ideas and events. We'll see. Cheers!
  7. Hit me up some time, man. 



    1. Cajun Magic

      Cajun Magic

      Will do, thanks for reaching out. :cheers:

  8. Dax Riggs- Tomorrow We Jump Johnny Cash- Rusty Cage Staind-So Far Away Swedish House Mafia- Don't you Worry Child NMH-In The Aeroplane Over The Sea oOoOO-Hustlin'
  9. Hey, Bill! How've you been? Just looking at the dates of the most recent posts, this place is a ghost town. Seems forums in general are dying in the age of reddit and facebutt.
  10. New absinthe from Huntsville, Alabama. I was very excited about it, so I got a bottle, added it to the review library, and posted a review. They're owned by Straight to Ale, one of my favourite breweries. Oh, and hi everyone! Been a while!
  11. Hello Brooks! We are well and in need of input. Cheers!
  12. Catch up and let us know what you think. Cheers!
  13. Welcome back Le Gimp! Cheers!
  14. Welcome back. Please share what you've enjoyed. Cheers!
  15. Cheap cigars and a few HG's. Cheers!
  16. I've enjoyed Delaware Phoenix recently and certainly appreciate the hard work. Cheers!
  17. Pernod Fils 1910. Been saving it for years. 110 years young and smooth as a subtle teat. ❤️
  18. I'm glad to be back amongst familiar and new to be familiar people. My friend, Cheers!
  19. I opened a bottle of absinthe for the first time in quite while. It made me think of all you guys, & I wanted to check in. Hope everyone is well! having a 2011 L'Ancienne, a 2012 L'Ancienne, (thanks for the sample Songcatcher)! and a 2012 Jade VS 1898.
  20. Eric, haven't spoken to you in quite a while, I hope you're doing well! Where are you, still living in the same house?? If I get the chance I'll try and swing by to say hello, I can't call or email as I lost all my contact info in a computer/phone crash long ago. Hope you're doing good.



  21. finally back. Hi to all. I hope some of you will remember me so my introduction doesn´t have to be too long. My name is Michael, Nickname Deep Forest. After some very exciting years in which I spent nearly my whole freetime for absinthe, I was a little bit tired and I decided to look for other hobbies, But finally (after over 10 years) I think I found my way back. Unfortunately the German Forum (absinth-guide) doesn´t exist any more and I fear that the big absinthe-hype is nearly over. I´m looking forward to some informative discussions and to "learn" what I have missed the last 10 years. Sorry for my english, but it is a little bit rusty.
  22. Welcome back, better late than never.
  23. A very belated, Welcome back!
  24. Glad to see a familiar hued manatee! Don't be a stranger, it's getting lonely and too quiet here!
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