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An English brand throws its hat into the ring!
(Updated: January 13, 2023)
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
<div>Initial Review - 4/30/21 (See TikTok video as well) Appearance - clear and bright, no visible sediment Louche - nice, quick build but ends slightly thin at 3:1. Could use a bit more anise, but still is attractive. Aroma - Fantastic. Lots of punchy anise with wormwood mintiness. Not quite 'complex' per se, but still inviting. A typical blanche style profile Flavor - mainly wormwood and anise, which is to be expected for a blanche style. Correct and balanced but like many blanches, not incredibly complex. Finish - the anise recedes while the wormwood takes over on the back of the tongue. Minty, not bitter. Definitely no sugar needed with this one. Overall - A really nice intro absinthe. I'd drink this on a hot, humid day anytime. Definitely one for the back bar. Anyone who has this as their first absinthe will be given the correct idea of what an absinthe should taste like. A very good mixer as well. I used this 50/50 with gin in a Ramos Gin Fizz, and it was wonderful.</div>
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