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3.7 6 0.5
Light and Balanced
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
Appearance: A very natural, light, and fresh olive green. It's clear and very clean in appearance.

Louche: Slightly thick but an attractive color. The edges are sky blue with a green tinted hue and highlights of orange in the body.

Aroma: Very anise and hyssop forward. There is a wormwood scent and a slight fennel note as well. Fresh and clean but also a bit light and weak in the aroma.

Flavor: A surprising balance of wormwood, anise, and hyssop compliment a smooth and somewhat weighty mouthfeel. A tad basic in flavor and light as well but very well done. The wormwood piques on the back palate in a curious way indicating grande wormwood taking a more prominent role than usually.

Finish: The spice and bitter tone of the wormwood ramp up at first and numb the tounge a decent amount. The finish is very long and ends with some pleasing citrus notes.

Overall: This is a very nice and crisp absinthe. It is simple but very enjoyable. The wormwood use is a nice surprise as well. The only downside I can see is the lightness of its character.
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