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Gentle Brut
(Updated: May 02, 2013)
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
Before Water: Clear

After Water: Attractive blanche white with blue highlights.

Good action but a little quicker than I expected given the high ABV, but overall action is good. Ended a bit on the thicker side- not being able to detect excessive star anise or tails increases my respect for this.

Before Water: Fragrant citrus, fresh earth. Rather nice for an unlouched 80% extrait.

After Water: Floral citrus side by side with a smooth earthy aroma that could be described as rain in the desert. Reminds me of the “fresh dirt” smell of Matter’s Blanche Traditionelle (also a “brut”).

I get the trinity of anise fennel and wormwood but they seem to help form an umbrella of candied lemonish citrus mid palate that also contributes to a juicy mouthfeel. Towards the finish the well balanced trinity comes out from the umbrella and some spicy nuances kick in.

The spice and wormwood carry through the finish with refreshing mid-high notes while the candied citrus and earthy notes reverberate softly in the background.

I quite enjoyed this Eichelberger blanche. It’s been awhile since I had the 68 Limitee verte, but I think I like this even more (though it’s quite possible this is the same distillate for Eich vertes before coloration and proofing). While the flavors are familiar, I got none of the cloying waxy finish I remember from the Limitee verte.

Notes: Approx 5:1 ratio due to high alcohol content, sample aged 8 months. No sugar was used, but I think this absinthe would be particularly well suited for it. I might have to get a full bottle and see for myself.
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