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4.4 9 0.5
Mediterranean breeze with a kick
(Updated: July 19, 2011)
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
Colour is Light golden. Could be darker. The tinge is in the vein of L'italienne but not spoiling the coeur of distillation.

Louche is translucent, almost to the dot, neither too thin nor too thick. The best ratio is 1:2. All the aromas and single nuances are being captured, the amount of water is just enough to open the absinthe in full majesty.

Upon taking a whiff, you are getting Violets, perfums, very light, almost ethereal, smells like alpine bitters from Italy. Aroma is very frontal without any edges, the fuller notes of wormwood, earthiness are approaching slowly all the way thru instead of emerging just in the finish.

Astringent, very very subtle. Not cloying. Bitter in the vein of gentiane or cinchoma. No heaviness from anethole buddies. These are just accompanying the main herbal sensations.

There is an irrestible note that is very strong on the palate and is not hidden in the finish. It starts like calamus, but going in th rooty sensation of gentian or cinchoma. It is like absinthe style with decent and robust Italian vermouth foundation.

Completely different story than L'Italienne although rooted in the same Tradition. Much, much bolder.

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