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4.4 9 0.5
I'm glad this frog hopped across the pond.
(Updated: January 05, 2013)
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
Enjoyed tremendously at both 3.5:1 and 4:1 no sugar. 4:1 yields the more delicate notes. 3.5:1 for me was the perfect balance of strength and softness.

Color: A clear and natural golden yellow with the tiniest kiss of light green. It fits somehow, but for a new fresh absinthe, a touch more green would have yielded a 5.

Louche: Slow steady build, not a lot of dramatic effect or layering, but a lovely opalescent finale. Its final colors are a light green with hints of copper, and suggestions of light blue. Very nice. A bit on the thinner side, without being too thin.

Aroma: Simply wonderful. Blossoming anise and wormwood, surrounded by flowers, perfume, alpine herbs and candy. Artful.

Flavor: As good as the aroma, for all the same reasons. It has some of the same notes as L'Italienne, but more floral and delicate, yet, it is still a powerful profile. This is quite an accomplishment. Both yin AND yang, at the same time....I believe that indicates balance...such would be the case here. Anise, wormwood, flowers, citrus. Simply delicious, and unique.

Finish: Crisp, clean, dry and complex. A light spicy build, layers of elements; herbs, spice, citrus, florals. A delicate citrus linger and tingle.

Overall: This is a must folks. Simply one the best I've had. We need to mention this as a strong exception when speaking of Czech absinthe from now on!
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