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Pretty hard to drink
(Updated: January 24, 2011)
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
Color: Thin light yellow with a hint of faint green. Clear with no sediment. I was close to giving this a 3 as it is not artificial looking, but it was just not quite in the range of absinthe color to me.

Louche: It louches pretty quickly, and is a bit thick at 3:1, I took this to at 4:1 due to the strong alcohol smell.

Aroma: Neat, mainly alcohol with a touch of anise. Softens a bit after water, but still has no herbals or florals I could detect, just a weak "Good n' Plenty" edge.

Flavor: Man this is tough to drink. I tried it with no sugar first. Forget it...WAY too bitter. I added in the equiv of 1 sugar with simple syrup. Still too bitter, and getting too sweet. One more bit of syrup, now sickeningly sweet, and STILL too bitter. A touch of anise hiding behind the horrid bitterness.

Finish: Whatever MIGHT be going on here is ruined by the overly sweet, yet lingering powerful, harsh bitterness.

Overall: It resembles absinthe enough not to be the worst I've had, but it is so bitter and sweet at the same time once the needed sugar is added, that it is pretty hard to drink. I was torn between a 1 and a 2 here, as I feel it needs help, but is also unacceptable. I also don't like the "thujone hype" on Alandia's website, and wish they'd knock that off.
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