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Perfectly named.
(Updated: January 22, 2011)
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
Color: A light bluish green, attractive if you like pretty colors, but not natural looking for absinthe.

Louche: It started with promise; strong trails and curls, but quickly turned to a weak mist that by 2:1 was simply already too thin. By 3:1, it was barely there at all.

Aroma: I'm giving it a 1, as inappropriate. It simply doesn't smell like absinthe.
Neat, I sensed a hint of anise, but was overwhelmed by a strange combination of spice, medicine, candy, and insect repellent, with a nice bang of rubbing alcohol on top.

Flavor: It reminded me a bit of Le Tourment Verte...that is not a good thing. I gave it a 2, as some people might enjoy the flavor, it simply however, is not what I would call absinthe. There is an odd medicinal cough-drop or mouthwash edge, a sweetness, and a strong, harsh, and bitter wormwood. Sugar makes it too sweet, no sugar is just as bad for other reasons.

Finish: It has a thin mouthfeel, is very 1 dimensional, and fades quickly leaving a mostly bitter and light medicinal aftertaste. I tasted this for a long long time after I was done. I was not happy about that.

Overall: Wow. How do I say this? This stuff is pretty bad. I gave it a 1, as absinthe, IMHO, it is not acceptable. I tried this 2 times, with some thought between samplings, last night, and this afternoon. I had to stop both times after half a glass. My fear here is that with Alandia's description on their website about "mental activation", "seeing things differently", and quoting Oscar Wilde, that they are harming the reputation of real absinthe with this stuff, and misleading people who are falling for the hype. It is just potentially drinkable enough, that for people who like being misled and want to see the green fairy, be naughty, and text their friends about it, that they might keep drinking it!

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