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4.5 9 0.5
A very well-made blanche
(Updated: January 05, 2013)
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
Enjoyed at 4:1. no sugar

Appearance: This blanche is so perfectly clear and colorless, that when my glass was filled to the dose line, it looked empty. It was clear of any sediment, and was absolutely the pinnacle of how a blanche should look neat.

Louche: A well-formed louche that develops in an even slow build, unlike so many blanches which seem to be in a hurry. The final result was just thick enough to not be opaque, and still had refractive elements, and flashes of copper at the edges.

Aroma: A dry, clean and crisp wormwood-forward aroma. Flirting around its edges is a sweet floral fennel, with a delicate anise behind. Quite nice.

Flavor: The is a tasty and refreshing absinthe; it is crisp and dry, but has a bit more going on than a trad la Bleue; a bit more pepper, spice and depth. The wormwood is exceptional. I enjoy its delicious, light bitterness, and would not be tempted to ruin its character with sugar.

Finish: The finish follows the flavor very well, with a slow build. Pepper, and an almost gin-like dryness. Just as I though it was not going anywhere else, the citrus opened for the final linger.

This is an absinthe worth buying and enjoying. I am quite impressed that these folks grow, harvest, and prep their own wormwood.
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