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A delicate yet assertive butterfly
(Updated: February 19, 2013)
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
Edited in Feb 2013, after getting halfway through this newer, second bottle.

Appearance: A clear and natural blend of light emerald with a touch of yellow/amber.

Louche: Quick to develop, thick and cloudy. If you take it really slow, it puts on a nice display of smoke and clouds. The final result is thick and attractive. I love thicker louches, and don't feel they should be penalized if attractive.

Aroma: Very nice. Delicate, fresh and clean. It promises lots of anise, light florals,
and hints of citrus.

Flavor: Anise-forward, and packed with flavor. It is powerful, yet has a dessert-like personality. There is a strong presence of citrus, gentle spices, and the wormwood softly pats you on the back behind the scenes. If you enjoy anise-forward absinthes, you'll likely enjoy this quite a bit. There is a lot going on here, plenty of herbal and floral touches.

Finish: A strong build of spice and lemon. The citrus hangs in there forever. Butterfly's mouthfeel is rich and thick, with a pleasant tingle and pull.

Overall, it is an interesting absinthe. It is sweet, and powerful, yet for me, feminine. I enjoy it most with no sugar at 4:1 or thereabouts. It is due to be imported to the USA soon, as I understand. I am happy about this!

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