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Enjoyable, a bit different.
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
*Received as sample in absinthe explore set from

Appearance - Very clear, no sediment. It actually appears clearer than water.

Louche - This was the first and only blanche sample we tried, so the quick, unimpressive louche may come with the territory. It definitely doesn't put on much of a "show," but it is neither too opaque or too translucent.

Aroma - Mostly anise with some wormwood and a sweetness from the alcohol...but mostly anise.

Flavor - Very pleasant. We actually ordered the standared Clandestine and the alcool du vin for a side-by-side comparison, but received two of these instead. While we can't compare this to a normal blanche, it is very nice to drink. The absinthe does have a wine "feel" on the tongue and a certain sweetness that is probably more pronounced than in the standard Clandestine.

Finish - The finish is more like a good white wine finish than any of the other absinthes we tried. As the previous review says, it is a bit astringent and dry, but sweet and pleasant.

Overall - We both enjoyed the vertes to a greater extent, but this was definitely appropriate and enjoyable, if not a bit basic. Its similarity to a good white wine might appeal to some, but we didn't find it overly special when compared to some of the other absinthes (or a really good Pinot).
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