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Different, but quality In Its Cognac-style base
(Updated: January 26, 2012)
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
After almost 2 years of aging, I'm enjoying this absinthe quite a bit more. It may be because I've come to love the brandy base styles more over time, but this has really improved over time. I've raised the flavor and aroma to a 4, and modified the text accordingly.

The color was a deep golden yellow, clear and natural.

The louche had nice trails, clouds and layering. The final result is thick and a pleasing color.

The aroma announces the brandy base, with subdued anise and wormwood. A light herbal character is present. Hints of spiciness are there as well.

Flavor follows the aroma... brandy, backed by the traditional elements of absinthe. Not a typical absinthe to be certain, but still, quality in its design and execution.

Finish was well done, it was interesting and very different. There was a lingering cognac element, a bit more trad absinthe comes out here than in the flavor.

I'd say this is worth trying if you get the chance, just to see what a solid cognac style base absinthe can taste like. If you enjoy a strong round grape base, then you'll enjoy this. It has a richness and unique personality that someone clearly worked hard for.
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