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Another Walton Winner!
(Updated: October 07, 2009)
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
This is a very nice, well crafted absinthe more than vaguely in the style of a Pontarlier.

The color neat is a medium forest green, and after a very full, cascading, and opaque louche, much of this green is retained, and the drink is a minty/pistachio tone.

The aroma neat is almost akin to Nyquilâ„¢ if there were a handcrafted, all natural version. After louching the aroma blossoms to reveal a fragrant, and rounded bouquet...nothing really stands out, there's just a lovely balance of herbs. It's not as room-filling as Meadow of Love's aroma, but it's quite nice.

The mouth feel is very thick, rich, and creamy, and the flavor is as rounded as the aroma, again balanced, but with just a touch of grassiness at this stage. I imagine that with some resting, this will disappear, as the color drops off a bit, and the drink becomes even smoother.

The finish is lovely, and basically continues the balance theme. It is of good duration, although it could linger a bit longer on the palate, and a touch more wormwood might help achieve this.

Overall, this is a lovely, softer, and fuller companion to Meadow of Love, and shows more of Cheryl's true distilling artistry!
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