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4.6 16 0.5
A Must-Try from small town N.Y.
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel

Presentation (no points): Clear glass bell shaped bottle with a lovely label that speaks to this absinthe's origins. The clear glass bottle suggests that long term storage of this absinthe should be done well away from where light can get to it, especially sunlight. The cork popped out easily despite the wax seal, could probably use more wax if a tight seal was desired.

Color (5 points): Beautiful bright and natural green, clear and free of any sediment. Very appetizing!

Louche (5 points): My favorite kind of louche, thick, full, and rich.

Aroma (4 points): When smelled neat, soft herbal aromas come through, a touch of citrus, anise is present but not sharp. After louche the aromas are similar, not necessarily room-filling as with some absinthe, but its delicate nature makes up for it.

Flavor (5 points): Wonderfully balanced flavors here, nothing overpowers, there is a sweetness from the anise balanced with a crisp citrus, underpinned by satisfying bitter wormwood.

Finish (4 points): Soft finish, slight numbing in the middle of the tongue, very relaxed feel to this absinthe.

Overall (5 points): Walton Waters is a fantastic contribution to the U.S. domestic absinthe market, many thanks to its creator. A few years ago, the idea that one would be able to buy absinthe of this quality within the U.S. was a complete pipe dream. Walton Waters has brought that dream to life, and beautifully transforms the peaceful reflections of the Delaware River into a lovely glass of absinthe.
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