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Lost in the Meadow of Love!
(Updated: May 27, 2012)
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
What a treat! Meadow of Love instantly became my favorite absinthe at the first sip! Meadow of Love is an overwhelmingly (in a good way) fragrant and aromatic absinthe, that has a wonderfully blended mix of classic absinthe herbs that will explode in your mouth, leaving you gagging for more! I really can't express how much I love this absinthe. Meadow of Love was docked .5 for appearance because it was delivered to us, still a lovely verte absinthe, but had maybe had too much sun exposure because it was slightly amber. I also gave it a .5 dock on aroma, only because the aroma doesn't do the flavor justice. Fennel overpowers the aroma, but tasting the absinthe there is such an amazing balance of all the herbs and fennel definitely isn't the overpowering flavor. Not only is this absinthe at the top of my list, but it comes from a small distillery in upstate New York, Cheryl Lins distiller, and sipping on this absinthe gives you the feel that you are sipping it with Cheryl herself. Meadow of Love is a MUST try for any absinthe connoisseur.

Updated 27 May 2012 ---

Appearance (5) : Previously a 4.5, I changed this to a 5 after recieving a BEAUTIFUL green glowing bottle of Meadow of Love. Absolutely the most inviting looking bottle out there, but careful the clear glass lets the color fade really quickly.
Louche (5) : Outstanding, beautiful, thick and glowing. Magical.
Aroma (4.5) : This is now the only non 5 star rating I give meadow of love, and only because it just doesn't do the incredible and dynamic flavor justice.
Flavor / Mouthfeel (5) : Flavor is indescribably delicious, and so well balanced. Mouth is delightfully numb, but just enough so that you can still enjoy the complex and complimentary flavors.
Finish (5) : All the best flavors remain on your tongue and you get such a refreshing cool numbing effect for a few minutes after each sip. It is really amazing.
Overall (5) : Still my favorite absinthe. The flavors are incredibly satisfying and there isn't a single quality about great absinthe that is missing, or lacking here. 5 stars!!
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