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Just gets better and better!
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Pacifique is a really great verte absinthe! I have had it two different times now and the one thing I have to say about it is that it will really improve after opening and the flavor is very sensitive to the water ratio, but once you get it right it is quite delicious so don't judge it too harshly based on your first glass.

Appearance (4) : Pacifique comes in a very simple but fancy looking bottle, dark glass that keeps the eerie olive oil green color of the absinthe from fading. More neat looking than inviting, but a 4 nonetheless.
Louche (3.5) : The louche is great, but underwhelming compared the the thick cloudy louche other verte absinthes are capable of. Not disapointing, but could be better.
Aroma (4) : Pacifique smells spicy, inviting and deceptively complex. I personally loved the burning sweet vapor that comes out of the new bottle.
Flavor / Mouthfeel (4) : The flavor is very unique, which I love about quality absinthe. The holy trinity is working its magic, but there is an extra spiciness to the flavor that is exotic and tempting. Very refreshing and numbing.
Finish (4) : The finish is great, and the numbing effect lingers so slightly that it leaves you wanting more. Would have received a 5 if the spicy flavor lingered rather than the bitter.
Overall (4.5) : I had to give Pacifique an overall rating of 4.5 because each category was so close to being a 5. It really is a delicious and unique absinthe that is definitely worth trying, experimenting with, and then trying again.

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