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The True 'French'-Style Absinthe I Was Waiting For
(Updated: April 12, 2010)
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
Color: Pacifique Absinthe Verte Superieure has a nice clear green color with yellow hints pre-louche; nice greenish opalescent color when louched, some pepper (?) sediment on top. Looks perfectly like a glass of fine, classic French absinthe.

Louche: Very nice oil trails take their time for a fine show. Once clouds start to form it louches quickly, but there's still some complexity there. Classic layer of clear green liquor on top of louche. Quite nice.

Aroma: Once you get passed the alcohol odor the "trinity" has a fresh fragrance. Other herbs are noticeable, too. Some pepper, light vanilla notes, add to a quality fragrance. Pacifique Absinthe Verte Superieure also contains angelica, coriander, hyssop, melissa and petite wormwood imparting a well-rounded herbal flavor.

Flavor: Nice grain spirit imparts no bad taste or aftertaste. "Trinity" is good and balanced, what most reasonable people would want from a French-style absinthe. Perfectly good, herbs taste fresh ... but could the "trinity" benefit from being be slightly stronger? I haven't tasted a better French-style verte, so I stand by my rating here.

Finish: Very fine, wormwood coats the tongue nicely but is not overwhelming. Other ingredients come together nicely. No ill aftereffects. Another good, clean grain spirit base that does not interfere with the stars of the show, the fresh herbs, some of which are allegedly organically grown at the distiller's estate.

Overall: Pacifique has earned a fan. I would like to have some of this on hand at all times. It is THE absinthe now commercially available in the USA that is closest to the true 19th century French style — and the herb complex is most fresh. "Il est sans parallèle." Once again, with this absinthe there is no hangover after drinking reasonable quantities because of "clean" quality of the grain alchohol base. Thank you Pacifique for a superior experience.
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