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4.4 18 0.5
High Quality US Absinthe
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
Color- Very nice green. Not a true peridot but closer to a more pale ‘green amethyst’ like color. There are a few sprinkles of sediment at the bottom of the glass.

Louche- Oil trail action starts at about 1/1. Nothing too crazy in terms of cascading explosions. A little weak but I’m really nitpicking. There are pretty gold and blue refractions under natural light.

Aroma- I get a sweet, candy-like vanilla scent. Very refined and not cheap smelling at all. Deeper aromas of anise, fennel and melissa invite you to start drinking this stuff.

Flavor- Anise, fennel and a mid-palate wormwood bite are all in harmony here. Different depths of melissa are present depending on the sip. Some mint and hyssop round out the flavors and linger on to the finish. This absinthe is both savory and fresh at the same time. Very pleasant and extremely complex- I’m having trouble picking out all of the flavors and describing them.

Finish- I primarily get anise and melissa with some quality wormwood bite. One of the longest finishes I’ve experienced.

Overall- This is a top-tier absinthe. A few improvements in the color or louche would put this in the elite category. This is a great value, at least in the ‘absinthe world.’ Pick it up.
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