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Objectively okay, but not my thing
(Updated: July 26, 2009)
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
From tastings done over the course of the four months this bottle has been open, some with sugar, some without. All carafe pours.

Color: I really like the color of the Duplais; just a shade lighter and it would be a 5 for me.

Louche: I saw gradients, billowing, a well-defined line, though it all ended before 2:1. Still, a nice show while it lasted.

Aroma: All the familiar components are there. There is a freshness to it, kind of like the green fleshy stalk of a plant when it's still young, but it will soon become a more woody stem.

Flavor: I can objectively say that all the appropriate elements are here, but to my palate there is a sharpness I can't get past. These sharp edges need some polishing, even after four months of the bottle being open. It's as if the flavors are still not integrated together.

Finish: The sharpness carries over into the finish, which forces me to 3 the Duplais her, too.

Overall: This is an absinthe that has everything in the right place, but they could be more aesthetically pleasing. It's like a well-arranged living room but the color scheme is a little off for me.

(Incorrectly posted in the European version's section, moved here.)
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